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what are the physical characteristics of the following reactions(每一個都要一個)

1.solution of silver nitrate and sodium chloride are mixed

2.solution of lead nitrate and potassium chromate are mixed

3. copper is added to a nitric acid solution

*我要的是反應後的physical characteristics喔,不是reactions formula

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    1 decade ago
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    1. Silver cations and chlorine anions will form white precipitate of silver chloride.  The solution would look like milk initially.  The white particles will settle as the solution ages.2. Lead cations and chromate anions form yellow precipitate of lead chromate.  The solution would look like orange juice for a moment.  But the yellow particles settle quickly.3. Copper will be attacked by nitric acid and dissolves into the solution.  In the mean time the solution turns brown as nitric acid decomposes to generate nitrogen dioxide gas.  After copper is completely dissolved, nitrogen dioxide dissipates and the solution turns into light blue.

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    I graduated from National Tsing Hua University, Hsinchu, before coming to The Ohio State University studying electrochemistry under Professor Kuwana, one of the top five electrochemist in the world then.

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    by the way, did u study in the US?? which school did u go? u seems like really smart!!!

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