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如何寫 essay


我目前人在國外讀大學,但我eaasy寫的並不是很好!是否有人可以交我如何寫一份好的 essay!


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    5.1 Analyse the task

    5.2 Synthesise your information

    5.3 Plan the essay

    The next step is to plan your essay, so that you are presenting your response and explaining it clearly, logically and convincingly in the essay. Developing a succinct, initial response to the task as we have explained in point 5.2 is useful. This forms a focus for your essay, and can be included in the last part of the introduction. In this way, the reader is provided with direction as to your over-riding response to the task.

    It begins with an introduction, which is generally 10 per cent of the overall size of the essay and states for the reader what will be done in the essay... (還有)

    5.4 Reference the sources of information

    In all, an essay needs to respond directly to the task, have a clear focus through the writer developing their own response to the task, explain the response in a logical and organised way, and convince the reader of its validity through the use of references and data as evidence. An essay must demonstrate a writer's voice, and be appropriately referenced. It should be coherent, cohesive and flow logically.

    Checklist for essay writing:

    Make sure that you analyse your task and understand the underlying themes and their interaction.

    Direct your efforts to developing your own task response. It must respond to the complexity embedded in the task, rather than merely describing the themes.

    Make sure you provide your reader with a succinct overview of your response in the introduction.

    Link sections of the body and paragraphs within these, so your reader understands what you are doing, and why.

    Use appropriate headings in the essay, if appropriate.

    Support points that you make with evidence from your reading, and acknowledge it appropriately.

    Form your conclusion on the basis of your response to the task and the discussion in the body of your essay.


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    the key to a good eaasy is you must have a strong thesis statement.

    that's all you need

    then its just about supporting your arguement.

    its like fighting with ur boyfriend. try to make him sound like a jerk

    that's all it is about

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