Anyone know anything about marketing a new invention?

Me and my friend invented a new toy that we would like to get marketed at some point. We are still making prototypes and getting people to test them for us and they all seem to love it. Does anyone know how to get patents, how much they cost, etc?

Also, does anyone know how we oculd get a deal with a toy company to manufacture, mass produce, and market it?

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    Here's a tip for you. You need to protect your invention before you market it. And you can do it without a patent. If you have a sketch you made when you were first discussing it, then take it to a notary public and both of you sign it and get it notarized. If you didn't have a sketch, then make one and then take it to a notary public and both of you sign it and get it notarized. A lot of toys are marketed "patent pending" which means that the company doing the marketing is paying for the patent and it is in process. If anyone else steals your idea and markets it, then you take them to court and produce your notarized and dated sketch, and voila, they have to pay you royalty for each toy of yours they marketed. This is what happened to the guy who invented the 'thumb-release-socket-wrench' that Sears stole and marketed. He had an original 'notarized' sketch. Sears lost. He won. They paid millions. Hope this helps. Merry Christmas!!!

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    The first thing you want to do is file an application for a patent which can be very expensive. A provisional application for patent is very cheap ($20 bucks, I think) and is good for one year, and I think they are renewable. Go to Google and type in - United States Patent and Trademark Office in fact I can give you their number:

    (800) 786-9199 or (866) 217-9197.

    The next thing you would want to do is to find a reputable agent? or company that won't try to steal you idea and will honestly help you with marketing and development. At this point I do not know of any such people or companies.

    This very question of who can help with marketing an invention once a provisional application for patent has been filed is one I'll need the answer to myself very soon.

    Good luck! Wish me luck too!

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    What I can tell you is patent lawyers don't gome cheap. ALSO, do not show your inventions to anyone, without having them sign a non-disclousure contract. IE, if they sign it they can't steal the info nor give it way. There are plenty of listing in the phones book for helps with inventions and patent lawyers.

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