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is chocolate acidic?

what are the contents of chocolates?

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    Just for fun, I did some research online about the pH value for chocolate. You probably know about the scale, but if not: it has 14 points. If something has a low number, it's an acid; if it has a high number, it's a base (a.k.a. alkaline). The number 7 is considered "neutral".

    The pH for natural cocoa powder generally ranges from 5.0 to 5.8, so it's slightly acidic. And the pH for alkalized cocoa powder is 6.2 to 6.8, so it's even less acidic, practically neutral. And chocolate cake, for what it's worth, is 7.2 to 7.6.

    HOWEVER, that's not the only thing to go by. I also discovered something called the "ash factor." When food is burned/metabolized by the body, its pH can change internally. For example, oranges are very acidic foods when you eat them, but they become alkaline afterwards. Weird, eh?

    CHOCOLATE, on the other hand, apparently becomes quite acidic after you eat it. The website below explains this, and also offers a BIG and interesting list on which foods turn which way during digestion.

    Hmmm... now I understand why, if I eat too much chocolate, my acid reflux often acts up and I get heartburn. :(

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    Is Chocolate Acidic

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    Source(s): Cure Acid Reflux
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    It depends on what kind of chocolate and what preparation. Cocoa and the least refined chocolate is pretty bitter, and bitter = basic. Semi-sweet chocolate chips are somewhat bitter as well.

    No, I don't think chocolate is acidic. Not most of it, anyway.

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    Yes. However, in general, the chocolate you eat is mixed with an alkali in order to neutralize its naturally acidic properties.

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    Yes, to varying degrees. It depends on whether alkalized or non-alkalized cocoa is used. Some producers increase the PH2 factor in the chocolate product to neutralize the acidic levels.

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    I remember reading that if you get dark chocolate that is 70% cocao (the healthiest kind), it should be just cocoa, butter and sugar. But the processed, cheaper chocolates usually have a lot of fillers like milk and artifical sugars.

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    go to your doctor because you have something within your stomach which will start eating away at your lining & organs

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    it is the extreme acidic

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