Who is the most heroic :Jane Austen,Marilyn Monroe,Elizabeth Taylor or Audrey Hepburn?By which virtue?


NB:some people have mistook Jane Austen for an actress-she's not!She's a 19th century writer of novels suchas Pride and Prejudice,Sense and Sensibility...and pls note i'm talking about real-life heroism,not just on screen.

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    Any woman working in a predominately male realm has my respect but I agree Jane Austen would have my vote because she lived in a much more difficult time for women in general. However I must admit a fondness for both Audrey Hepburn and Elizabeth Taylor in that they championed causes before they were considered cool...that being the plight of starving children in Africa and all over the world (Hepburn) and raising funds and awareness in finding a cure for AIDS (Taylor)

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    I'd have to say Jane Austen, she's certainly created the most enduring legacy (although it still remains to be seen whether or not we'll be remembering the films of Monroe, Taylor and Hepburn in a few hundred years.)

    Although I have the utmost respect for actors and their craft, writing is also much more individualist (no ensemble pieces here) and lends itself more to heroism.

    I also feel that Austen pushed boundaries more than the other three, although I'm not familiar with all of their work.

    I do have to say though, I don't find any of them particularly heroic.

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    you are comparing 3 actresses with a writer, so that seems odd. not sure how the actresses were heroic, really. unless you mean one of their characters? jane austen was a woman and she wrote literature. she could be most heroic by virtue of perseverance; writing in a time when women were not taken seriously

    and since none of these ladies were "bimbos" either, obviously women are still not being taken seriously

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    Audrey Hepburn- because she WAS MORE than an actress.

    She worked for years helping children around the world. Beauty, grace and a huge compassionate heart. Real compassion out of Hollywood is hard to find.

    I find her heroic.

    Source(s): www.audreyhepburn.com
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    Not really sure why you're using the term "heroic" in this context. As far as I know, none of those you've mentioned were heroic

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    I would say Audrey Hepburn, who survived the Nazi occupation of the Netherlands, worked for the Resistance and later campaigned on behalf of UNICEF. She not only overcame adversity, she in turn used that experience to help others.

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    none of the above

  • hero's????? did i miss something in the question. these women listed are just actresses.

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    ~On what basis and by what definition would you consider any of these bimbos to be heroic?

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    None, May West......Peel me a grape big boy LOL

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