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wicca. do you practice?

out of curiosity ive recently began reading books on wicca. im not a practicing wiccan but id love to here of any personal experiances or anything you might know about it.

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    I joined a Wicca coven while in college, although it wasn't a "Frostie" coven, I am familiar with GWB. Wicca was the product of Gerald Gardner who developed it somewhere in between the years 1939-1954. Gardner was a Sado-masochist and nudist and a member of Aleister Crowley's O.T.O. Gardner borrowed from many of Crowley's wrtings and rituals for his group, even down to the 8 sabbats Wiccans observe.

    Today there many different kinds of Wiccans. A few resemble the S and M cult Gardner started, but most are solitary individuals who practice alone. Since practically every Wiccan has their own idea of what it should be, it can vary widely between individuals. Dana and Gothick Chick obviously have a different idea of what Wicca is than do Seph and whknt.

    Most Wiccans are quite harmless and simply living out an ego trip. The Frost's Church of Wicca however, even though it denies any illegal activity, still prescribe things which are illegal and dangerous in The Witch's Bible (later retitled "The Good Witch's Bible to make it more marketable). I have heard from ex-members of this sect that it was degrading to women and little more than a polygamy cult. I can't think of anything more humiliating to a woman than to be treated like a member of a harem by a religion that is ironically supposed to be feminist.

    The Book perscribes the use of ceremonial dildos by girls when they reach puberty as a "coming of age" ceremony. If need be, a male sponsor or the girl's father is to assist with using the dildo, and it would not surprise me if that happens a lot. The girl is supposed to be even given a demonstration on how to use it by a member of the coven if need be. Nothing like a live sex show for a 12 year old girl. On page 67 there are very specific instructions on how many minutes each day the girl is supposed to use the dildo. She is to progress to a gradually bigger one, and gives explicit intsructions (one can almost see Gavin Frost smirk when he wrote it) on positioning her knees, lubrication, ec.. The dildo is shaped like an Egyptian Ahnk to disguise it as something religious. Egyptians were never known to have used ahnks in this manner...and why would Celts have used Ahnks anyway? Such a thing is nothing more than rape or incest no matter how they try to rationalize it. I could never imagine going through so humiliating a thing as a child, and I thank God I never did!

    The girl is supposed to decide on a contraceptive beforehand (so obviously she's going to have sex).Page 66 says "it is hoped that the first sexual expirence will take place in the surroundings of the coven". It doesn't set an age, but obviously since the girl has been opened up and put on birth control, she's being pressured into having it sex pretty soon. You'd have to be a fool not to believe that. If it wasn't a nervous expirence enough to loose one's virginty, imagine doing it in front of everyone you know watching!

    Page 159 advocates swinging (in fact the whole book does). "Signs of virginity" are to be destroyed at the youngest possible age according to page 66. Mothers are to circumcise their sons if they weren't at birth with instructions on how to weild the knife! On page 7-8 we read children are perfectly capable of making all their own descions by 12 (which thus would also mean sex). Page 62 says Wiccan marriage rings are to be open, which is simply thetype of rings swingers use to identify each other. On page 65 parents must relinquish spirtual control of the child to the coven. A pedophile in a Frostie coven would be like an alcholic locked in a liquor store! Pgs 113-114 tell how to "cure" a nymphomaniac (which must include every Frostie!). This is supposedly done by making her have sex in front of the entire coven. Adultery is only considered having sex with someone outside the coven (same page), and no doubt the reason is to prevent VD from being brought into the group. If someone does "stray" the cheater gets the same cure as the nympho. Page 122 does indeed give a warning about possession. Page 124 says Wiccans should relax daily with, you guessed it, even more sex. Page 139 gives a warning about underage girls having to sign a's not hard to imagine why.

    So Steph and Dana, I think you are both wrong in trying to defend the Frosts/Church of Wicca/ for whatever reason. Even though The Church of Wicca has never said they condone incest or sex with underage girls, I find it extremely hard to believe this has never happened not even once in 40 years. I would imagine it goes on with a great deal of regularity in fact. I hope someday the FBI investigates them to the fullest. The blood oaths mentioned in GWB is probably what's saved their miserable hides all these years.

    There is also the vilest hate, misinformation, and accusations against Christians which I won't even go into here for length. This is in GWB for no real apparent reason other than they hate Christians and their "money grubbing holy men" ministers.

    Don't believe me? Buy the vile wretched book for yourself and save a call to Jo Frost. Even when I was a Wiccan I was shocked by the things I read written by the Frosts.

    The Wiccans described in this book sound like "swingers" and one could easily draw the conclusion that they have sex w/underage girls from the sound of things. Even though the Frost's Church was the first organized Wiccan church in America, they have become Wicca's dirty little secret. Pracitcally all Wiccans denounce them....but obviously they have followers and someone is buying the books. The Church of Wicca claims no one actually does this deflowering ritual, if so, why did they still keep it in the revised version?

    Page 147 says it should be made abundantly clear to new comers that by joining in the rituals they will be required to have sex with assigned partners, the rituals sap vital power and the rituals can be dangerous. That would seem to validate what Dana said. But the question is, why would anyone in their right mind want to join after that warning? Obviously someone who wants sex, sex, and more sex, and then finish it off with sex.

    Seph, I don't doubt that the Church of Wicca did try to do damage control. It wouldn't even surprise me if you were a stealth member of of Wicca yourself. Perhaps it took 3 weeks for word to get back to, which might explain why it took you 3 weeks to reply to Dana's previously resolved question. At any rate, if you actually read The "Good" Witch's Bible, you will see it is a book for sexual obsessed weirdos. Did I offend someone? Then you're a weirdo too. There's no way to justify the GWB.

    Asker, hopefully you can see how bizarre Wicca is. Frostie is only one branch and not a typical one, but it doesn't matter what branch you choose, you will not have powers like on the T.V. show Charmed. Girls who ask me about Wicca always ask me that question, and always tell them no, it's nothing like that.

    I invite you to find out about Jesus and live your life to the fullest. Find a church with a youth group in you area. You may have to look at several before you find one. Thank God I am Free!!!

    Source(s): I am an ex-Wiccan (yes, really) You should also visit
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    Seph, it is extremely rude of you to attack Dana on an unrelated subject. Dana merely said she didn't see why two consenting adults couldn't engage in it. It's not something I'd want to do, but I can't see why either. The same argument used to be made for gays. Perhaps you should re-read it again.

    There are some psudeo-covens where they let you chicken out, but this isn't really correct. In the older and more authentic covens, this is not the case. If you weren't willing to engage in the Great Rite, you could not expect intiation. That's the way it was in the coven my family belonged to as well. The problem with Wicca is it's grown too fast too soon since it's revival. It's let in a lot of prudes and for some reason attracts people who are morbidly obese and scared to take their clothes off. I'm not ashamed of my body, and I have no sexual hangups, sorry if you are.

    And Dana did say unless someone was properly initiated they could not be a solitary Wiccan. The trouble is people think they can read one or two books, and they're a Wiccan. It does not work that way. At some point, you have to interact with other Wiccans.

    Frankly I think you're just a xtian in disguise who wants to make this into an issue to defame the craft. It doesn't have anything to do with this question.

    And apparently not everyone thinks Dana is "full of s***".;_ylt=AoFjt...

    Hopefully you get some counseling for all these hangups you have. Back to the hole bunny. Next time call Silver Ravenwolf, I'm sure you know her too, right? LOL!

    Oh, and to the questioner, I think Dana gave you the best answer.

    Source(s): "Recent tongue in cheek attempts to white wash Wicca are unnecessary and degrading. We are not 'white' witches. We practice the age old art of Wicca Craft,or the "Craft of the Wise." Gavin and Yvonne Frost, The Good Witch's Bible
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    Yes I do. I have been all my life.

    You sound young, and you should be careful, because sometimes there are some not so nice people online that like to hurt kids and will pretend to be your friend. Be careful. If you're a person of color, I think you should know Asatru/Odinist groups often times have KKK or white power people in them. Not all but some do.

    There have been some good points brought up. Yes, there are spirtual consequences to practicing Wicca, and I don't think that gets stressed enough by followers of the Craft (and I'm guilty of that too). Yes, some people do have bad expirences in Wicca, and other forms of occultism as well. Even if one person tells you they never have had a bad expirence, that doesn't mean you won't. No one can guareentee what you will or won't do or what mistakes you may make when you practice Wicca.

    The Good Witch's Bible for instance does come with a disclaimer that the authors are not responsible for what happens to the user, even including spirit possession. That's one reason I reccomend it so much.

    This is why I bristle when I see fluffies giving out spells online like candy. They'll mention the law of return (probably learned it from watching Charmed), and then turn around and give out a "an ancient Celtic love spell" that's minutes old. Arrgh.

    If you really want to learn Wicca, (sorry if this sounds like a CC answer, but the answer is always the same. LOL!) you have to go to a real coven that practices skyclad (nude) and really has the great rite (tantric sex), and doesn't simply stick a blade in a chalice. If they're scared to take off their clothes, their probably scared of real witchcraft too. You also sound like you're not 18 yet, so your parents would have to sign a waiver to let you join a coven (a real coven anyway).

    In order to become a Wiccan, you will have to be intiated via the Great Rite by a High Priest. You cannot do this by reading a book or a website (this isn't meant to be mean, it's just reality).

    A lot of people will email you and offer to "train" you. Often times these types only know what they read out of a book or a website, and haven't actually been initiated. There are just somethings you have to do in person. So, just keep those things in mind.

    Blessed Be!

    [Edit: whknt, you need to buy a book called "What Witches Do" by Janet and Stewart Farrar and find out what witches do. LOL! Get one of the early editions w/ the nude pictures. Yes, there is nudity and sex in witchcraft. Intiation is transmitted via sex. <sigh> fluffies. ]

    [edit] Seph please quit stalking me. You have emailed and harrassed me about this question that I asked 3 weeks ago but your email is blocked so I couldn't respond, then you attack me out of nowhere. If you don't want to practice incest, don't. I never said I wanted to, or that people should be forced to. It's sad some people calling themselves Wiccans are so closed minded to the point they can't even speculate about anything. And if you haven't had the Great Rite, you're not a Wiccan. Deal with it.

    Source(s): The Good Witch's Bible by Gavin and Yvonne Frost by Gavin and Yvonne Frost (controversial, but accurate). And yes, Dr. Zoom Zoom, you do have a right to post your answer. I may not agree with you, but I do not believe in censorship, either. I apologize for my fellow Wiccans who would try to silence you. I'm sorry about your friend, but be happy for her she's in Summerland with goddess now.
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    Yes, I do. Read Dana's comment, she nailed it.

    [Seph: You must be freakin' insane. Get a life and don't take everything you read so seriously! That question was what, 3 weeks ago? I'm reporting you. I take it you had a bad expirence with forced incest, and that's why you went ape poop on Dana? Sorry, but she never said people should rape their kids! Go see a psychiatrist. I think like she does too. Why not legalize it? You can marry your first cousin in Iraq, but you can't in New York, does make any sense??? I know to elderly Wiccan sisters who live together and they confided in me they were into it. What do I care? They're not hurting anybody and they can't get pregant (unless you called the Frosts and they told you two 70 year old spinster sister lesbians could, that is). And it is sad the Frosts have sold out and made a book for "Solitary Wiccans". They wanted to make some greenbacks. I've read it, terrible book. There are WAAAAY too many people who think they can read a book and that makes them a "High Priestess" 3rd degree Wiccan somehow. ]

    Source(s): Just by being a Wiccan who is in a coven where folks get nekkid.
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    I have been a solitary Wiccan practitioner for 8 years. I have never read or herd of this " practice" of hers.Your right it does sound gross. Doesn't she even understand by doing this she is putting her health in danger.Not only can she get teatable STD, but she is also taking the chances of get H.I.V

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    "Frankly I think you're just a xtian in disguise who wants to make this into an issue to defame the craft. It doesn't have anything to do with this question. "

    My how times have changed. Now witches accuse people of secretly being Christians! (and you're probably right too BTW)

    To answer your question Asker, no I practice real witchcraft.

    Hail Satan!

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    Source(s): Save Your Marriage
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    I've been a Wiccan for almost 15 years, though I've only recently begun getting back into regular rituals. I can tell you a lot about what I believe, but theories and beliefs may differ from Wiccan to Wiccan.


    Oh, come on now, Dana! I wouldn't join any coven that required me to be skyclad or engage in sexual acts. I have no objection to being skyclad, mind you, but I don't think anyone should force it on anyone else. Sexual rites are right out, as I'm happily and faithfully married. I'll keep it to metaphysical sex, thanks, unless it's between my wife and I and in private (orgies aren't our scene).

    There are as many ways to hold ritual as there are Wiccans and covens, and contrary to what some people will tell you, no one way is better than another. Some practice skyclad, others wearing robes. I often practice in street clothes. The gods don't care what you wear (or don't wear).

    There will be some who accuse me of being a fluffy bunny, and that's fine, but I've never had any problems getting my magick to work or getting the gods to hear me.

    Hurricane Katrina came over Bay St. Louis, MS, about 40 miles from where I live. Before the storm, I set up a protective circle around my home and my two closest neighbors. Other people in our area got two feet (or more) of water in their houses and suffered significant damage. My house got three inches and suffered almost no structural damage. Those I had protected also got a mimimum of water and damage.

    I admit that, at one point, my faith in my own work wavered slightly, and that may be why we got any water at all.

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    I practice. Keep reading, if it is for you, you'll know.

    Dana S - How wrong can you be in the space of a week????

    - ''In order to become a Wiccan, you will have to be intiated via the Great Rite by a High Priest. You cannot do this by reading a book or a website (this isn't meant to be mean, it's just reality).

    whknt, you need to buy a book called "What Witches Do" by Janet and Stewart Farrar and find out what witches do. LOL! Get one of the early editions w/ the nude pictures. Yes, there is nudity and sex in witchcraft. Intiation is transmitted via sex. <sigh> fluffies. ''

    - Where in all of the Gods names, did you find that in order to be initiated, you have to have sex with the High Priest???? Like f**k you do! And as for sex, it is purely down to the individual, and the Great Rite only has sex between the HP and HPs if they are already in a reltationship. Get some facts woman!!!

    Also, I have spoken in person to Jo Frost who helps run the Church, and runs the website, and she said in response to your question about incest should be legalized; in much nicer words, that you are full of s**t! The Frost's have never advocated, condoned or encouraged incest throughout their lives, or their ancestors lives. I think you need to re-evaluate your thoughts on that, before you quote their book again.

    Oh, and you do not have to be part of a coven to be Wiccan. Have you never read the Frost's book Solitary Wiccan's Bible?

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    i studied wicca for about 5 years and practiced for about 2. nothing bad ever happened. no 'dark shadows' came to me. ritual can be a very moving experience. since then i have left wicca for asatru. not because wicca is evil its just i found myself more drawn asatru.

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    Wicca, like any other pagan path, is sacred to the practioner. Speaking for myself, I practice my path with every breath I take.

    I find it ironic that I don't see questions like "Christians - how do you practice your religion" :)

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