~* Is the "Wedding Song" (march) necessary? Any suggestions on other good songs for the bride to march in on*~


I just heard this song by KEM, The words are beautiful, what do you think:

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Artist: Kem

Song: I'm In Love

Album: Album II

Could this be the very beginning babe

Of a love so fine?

Then let's get caught up in the middle babe.

Girl you were mine, thats all I know.

Hey we've got somethin special

A wise man can't define.

It's just like heaven's watchin us.

And it feels just like...

I'm in love

Ohh girl, I'm in love

I'm in love

I'm in love

You just get here girl

And I promise you

I'll keep you warm

Inside and out i'll be lovin you

Makin my perfect storm

Until the mornin comes

Hey, you're sunshine, on my window babe

I'm lookin love rite in the face girl

Let's watch heaven open up

Cause it feels just like...

I'm in love

Hey girl I'm in love, oooh baby

I'm in love, oo oo oo girl

I'm in love

I'm in love, ohh girl

I'm in love, Ooo girl

Ohhh, I'm in love girl

I'm in love babe

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    I took this from www.theknot.com. Hope it helps.

    The moment you (and your guests) have all been waiting for deserves an equally exciting musical accompaniment. Don't worry if "Here Comes the Bride" (Wagner's "Bridal Chorus") isn't your speed -- you have plenty of alternatives. Here are 35 ideas to accompany you, and everyone else in your party, as you walk down the aisle:


    1. "Air" (from Water Music Suite), (George F. Handel)

    2. "Bridal Chorus" (from Lohengrin), (Richard Wagner)

    3. "Canon in D" (Johann Pachelbel)

    4. "Procession of Joy" (Hal Hopson)

    5. "Rigaudon" (Andre Campra)

    6. "Spring" (from The Four Seasons), (Antonio Vivaldi)

    7. "Te Deum" (Marc-Antoine Charpentier)

    8. "The Prince of Denmark's March" (Jeremiah Clarke)

    9. "Trumpet Tune" (Henry Purcell)

    10. "Trumpet Voluntary" (Jeremiah Clarke)

    11. "Trumpet Voluntary" (John Stanley)

    12. "Wedding March" (from The Marriage of Figaro), (Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart)

    Traditional Alternatives

    13. "Canzon V" (Giovanni Gabrieli)

    14. "Coronation March for Czar Alexander III" (Peter I. Tchaikovsky)

    15. "Overture" (from Royal Fireworks Music), (George Frederic Handel)

    16. "Promenade" (from Pictures at an Exhibition), (Modest Mussorgsky)

    17. "Romeo and Juliet Love Theme" (Tchaikovsky)

    18. "Sinfonia" (from Cantata No. 156), (Johann S. Bach)

    19. "Toccata" (from L'Orfeo), (Claudio Monteverdi)

    20. "Trumpet Tune in A-Major" (David N. Johnson)

    21. "Sonatas for Organ, Op. 65, No. 3 (con moto maestoso)," (Felix Mendelssohn)

    22. "Winter," Largo, (from The Four Seasons), (Antonio Vivaldi)


    23. "Appalachia Waltz" (Yo-Yo Ma, Edgar Meyer, Mark O'Connor)

    24. "Sunrise, Sunset" (from Fiddler on the Roof), (Sheldon Harnick & Jerry Bock)

    25. "The Look of Love" (Dionne Warwick/Burt Bacharach)

    26. "The Vow" (Jeremy Lubbock)

    27. "To A Wild Rose" (Edward MacDowell)

    28. "Flatbush Waltz" (Andy Statman)

    29. "Wedding Processional" (from The Sound of Music), (Richard Rodgers & Oscar Hammerstein)


    30. "All People That On Earth Do Dwell" ("Old 100th" hymn)

    31. "Dona Nobis Pacem" (16th century hymn)

    32. "Hanava Babanot" (A Love Song), (Neeman)

    33. "St. Anthony's Chorale" (Franz Joseph Haydn)

    34. "Hymn Fanfare from The Triumphant" (Francois Couperin)

    35. "Scalero de Oro" (traditional Sephardic)

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    The wedding song is definately not necessary, I've only ever been to one wedding that used it. The song you found is absolutely beautiful. I just thought I'd let you in on the song I used to walk down the aisle to (july 15 '06) Marry Me by Amanda Marshall, it's beautiful and expressed the sentiment that I felt for my future husband. If you haven't heard it before it's got soft acoustic guitar and is at a slow to medium pace. Here are the lyrics:

    I wanna laugh

    Until I cry

    Wake up with you each day 'til the day that I die

    Let's go to New Orleans

    And watch the parade

    Take funny pictures, eat jambalaya and drink lemonade

    And when the day is finally over

    We stumble home

    Before we sleep

    Baby, marry me

    I wanna drive

    'Til we get lost

    Lie in a field staring up at the sky

    While you point out the Southern Cross

    And somehow I know

    Without asking why

    That you love me more in a minute

    Than anyone could in a lifetime

    Dancing in the parking lot

    While the band plays inside

    Sweep me off my feet

    Baby, marry me

    We don't need no preacher man

    Readin' from the Good Book

    And I don't want no fancy dress

    Ain't no ceremony for the vows that I took

    From the moment I met you

    I have been blessed...

    So let's make a toast

    And drink up the wine

    Here's to you lying here next to me

    Until the end of time

    Wherever you are

    I wanna be

    And anything that means anything to ya

    Means everything to me

    Sneakin' out the back door

    While they're throwin' the rice

    And they'll talk for weeks

    But we're all we need

    So baby, if you're free

    Marry me...

    Baby, marry me...

    Marry me...

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    Not necessary. Just a classic song. Personally, I think it is overdone.

    Alternative (yet classic) songs are:

    -Trumpet Voluntary in D (The Prince of Denmark's March) (Clarke or Purcell)

    -Canon in D (Pachelbel) - I like this one, too

    -The Four Seasons (Handel)

    -Water Music (Handel)

    Others I've seen in recent weddings:

    -What A Wonderful World (Louis Armstrong)

    -Unforgettable (Nat King Cole)

    -I Can't Help Falling In Love (Elvis Presley)

    At our wedding, the wedding party marched in to a string quartet rendition of "The Way You Look" by Frank Sinatra.

    And my wife marched in the quarted playing "Overjoyed" by Stevie Wonder.

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    Girl you better have some Luther playing when you come down the aisle. Some here and now, or Forever by Jaheim. E mail me and i'll giveyou a list. I'm a wedding photographer so I've seen a lot.

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    Absolutely not. It is you and your fiance's wedding after all. You should be able to "march down the aisle" to any tune you like. I am sure there is a song that reminds you both of your love for each other that might be appropriate.

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    My best friend got married last Feb. and she used the Forrest gump suite to walk down the aisle

    it is a lovely piece and i really like it and since she used it so has a few of our other friends

    Good Luck

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    Girl, I love that song!! Great choice, I am thinking of playing Stevie Wonder "You & I" for my wedding. Let me know what you end up choosing anyway. Good Luck! When are you getting married? I'm Sept 2007. :-)

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    It's not required, no.

    Other songs used:

    Cannon in D

    Joyful Joyful

    We're using the march of the Queen of Sheba.

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    I used " I Swear" when I got married a year and a half ago. It is such a beautiful song and it is how you should be treated by the man you are marrying.

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    No, it's not. I had a trumpet tune and I have a friend who used the Beatles "Here Comes the Sun" for her sunrise wedding. It's your wedding, you can use whatever music you want.

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