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Yahoo Answers & Yahoo 360?

How can you link Yahoo Answers to your 360 page? Can this be done at all?


If you answer yes, explain how. Not sure how to use my feed or 360badge. Whenever I add a feed, it never shows on my page. weird? or I'm not doing it right.

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    Yes, you can add it as a Feed on your front page or use the 360 badge in your blog; which will show your recent questions and answers.

    Don't use the Header/footer code for the badge. I use the horizontal code in my 360 and ensure to click "View HTML source" before pasting the code in the blog.


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    You can use the RSS feed. Look for "RSS" in the left column of a list page and right click and copy the link. Now go to My Page in 360 and click on setup RSS and paste the copied address into one of the URL boxes.

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    i wish i knew.. i just keep 2 tabs up and switch that way

    Does my page show up? I think its set to private and I cant fix it!

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    done think it can be done at all

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