Public records?

Can anyone tell me what is public records. For example is divorce papers and arrest records public record.

I am in Arkansas

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    Hey Angel H,

    They are Vital Records, not necessarily public. Local, State, and Federal guidelines govern how these are kept. Here are some sites, and one specifically for Arkansas.

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    Source(s): Vital Records Social Security Administration Adoptions Vital Records – birth and death US Government Archives - Military
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    The arrest records in Arkansas are generally considered public records. You can hire a company to do a search for you, although a few years ago, the state was talkng about making arrest records available on the internet for a fee.

    Divorce Reocrds in Arkansas cost $10, but are restricted to specific persons who are related to the registrant and to their designated representatives, to academic research groups, and to persons who can demonstrate a right to the record.

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    Every form that is filed or sent to the government is public. Occasionally (rarely) files are sealed from public view. Divorce, marriage, births, property transactions, property taxes, legal judgements, arrest records, and death certificates are all public information and available generally from the county clerks office. Most copies require a fee.

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    Well each state will have different laws.

    Things that MAY be public are:

    Real Estate Records

    Vital records (birth, death, marriage)

    Court records

    Divorce and seperation agreements

    Minutes for Government meetings

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  • 1 decade ago

    Yes arrest papers (most) , and marriage/divorce papers are public records. But you must go to the county court house of where the crime/marriage/divorce was taken place.

    You can also look-up land ownership etc...

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    Yes, they are all public records available at your local court house usually for a fee. You can look them up and pay the cost for a copy, usually a few dollars

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    yes most records are open for anyone to see you can go online and see your records

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