How to redo caulking around bath tub?

My landlord did a really terrible job with the caulking around my bathtub. I want to remove and replace it. How? Is there a remover or just lots of elbow grease. Thanks.

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    Elbow grease. I use an ice pick to get it off. Then I buy a silicone caulk and caulking gun if you need it. Get rubber gloves and a wet rag, (that you don't need anymore). After removing old caulk, make sure you dry the surface thoroughly. After drying I use rubbing alcohol to really dry it. (Do it on a day that you won't need to take a shower for at least 8-10 hours. Or however many hours the caulk container says.) Then apply slowly with the caulk will come out very fast if you squeeze too hard. As you are applying the caulk, run your finger (with the gloves on), behind it to smooth the caulk into the area so that it shapes into the groove you are putting it on. It's messy but worth it. After it dries, keep it clean. Although Sylicones do say "repels mildew" it really doesn't if you don't keep it clean. If you don't clean it at least once a week or more, it will absorb the mildew and you won't be able to clean it off. Hope this helps.

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    Always be careful to NOT: a) cut yourself; and b) scratch the bath tub base.

    A single edged razor blade like you get at a Home Center for around $1.00 has always worked pretty well for me to remove the existing caulking... then buy a tube(or tw0).. the small tubes.. not ones you use with a caulking gun, and cut the tip small and recaulk.. I caulk everything and love to caulk

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    Good old elbow grease. Use a narrow chisel or wide blade screw driver. Clean surface with a vinegar solution before applying new caulk

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    when you run your finger along to make the silicone concave, make sure your finger is wet with water. Keep a mug of water beside you and keep dipping. This makes is smooth so the silicone does not stick to you.

    This is an awful job and very difficult to do well !

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