Who is to be blamed in prostitution, the buyer or the provider?

is it the guy who is paying for the service? or the women who is willing to take money in return for sex?

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    The law maker. Regulate, don't ban. You can't controll something you give to the criminals. Everyone would be better off if the laws were changed to reflect reality instead of a pipe dream.

  • Elly
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    1 decade ago

    There are many cases that women are compelled to prostitution, it seems that many who answered this question don't know this.... maybe this is not much the case in America, but elsewhere it is.... in this case it really is a crime by the buyer if he knows she is compelled. Also there are many cases that women sell their bodies because they are in a desperate situation e.g. because they are drug addicted or because of extreme poverty in countries where no social system at all exists. In these cases the buyer really is a criminal who takes advantage of the need of a woman and the woman is not be blamed at all.

    In case of women who sell their bodies by free will no one can really be blamed. I don't have a very high opinion of men who pay women for sex, but well, if this is the free decision of the woman he is not doing a crime. And what should the women be blamed for? They also don't do harm to anyone. I don't understand them, but I can't blame everyone who has different feelings and thinking than I have.

  • If you want to lay blame, blame the circumstances that got the provider to that place, where he or she felt there was little choice except prostitution to provide for his or her needs. I am very surprised that most answerers have characterized sex workers only as women, and buyers only as men.

    The thing is, prostitution and solicitation is a vicious circle. Until we find the root problems for both the solicitor and the solicitee (which will be very individual) the larger situation is unable to be addressed.

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    Where there is demand there will always be supply for the right price. Unfortunately, although some women choose to prostitute themselves, other women are forced into this by either, men, other women, social circumstance, drug addiction and a whole host of other reasons including religious ones. In the majority of cases, especially these days, I would blame the buyer.

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  • momcat
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    1 decade ago

    There is no one person to blame.. If men weren't so horny and weren't willing to pay for sex with strangers, prostitution would not exist. If some women weren't willing to sell their bodys for money, it wouldn't exist, either, but if men would quit paying for it the problem would go away. I think it should be legal, at least then it would be regulated, and aids would not be passed on so often.

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    Both I suppose. Prostitution should be made legal,but only in controlled brothels. If both parties are willing..what's the problem? It's known as the oldest profession in the world and it'll always be there. Your question is a bit like what came first,the chicken or the egg?!

  • High?
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    1 decade ago

    It depends on who propositioned who first, I think. Some dudes go out looking to trick on women just because they have the money. Then you have the women who proposition the men for the money because they need it or whatever have you. If a hooker approaches a dude, she's to blame I guess. If a dude propostions any woman (not just a prostitute), that means he had his mind on paying for sex, I guess he'd be to blame in that case.

  • 1 decade ago

    Neither should be blamed for anything. They are grown adults choosing to degrade themselves. Nobody forced the woman onto the streets and no one made that guy desperate. Anybody can get sex without paying for it. All the men have to do is go to the club and wait for the very last girls who are hanging out after closing, waiting for some nice lad to swoop them up. But they choose to be losers and pay for it. It's stupid, but no one should be blamed.

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    It is my opinion that they are both to blame; why go so low as to sell your self for something that was design to bring two people closer, when you should have moral and value in your self.

    Likewise, what type of person pays for sex!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    The solicitor is the active and responsible party..

    There is no legitimate "blame" in my mind and prostitution should be legalized...

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