are UFOs real?

Sept/20/06. it seems that NASA has resolved the question,"are UFOs real"? there seems to be o doubt now. I wonder if the astronauts are at any risk of anal probes? Maybe we can elicit comments from some experts. UFologists!

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    1 decade ago
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    yes they r!

    stores sell tonnes of encyclopedias about them

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    1 decade ago

    Many things can be classified as UFOs. Space junk is all around out there. Anything from a piece of the Space Shuttle to meteorite fragments could qualify. Decaying sattelite parts could be that also. But alien UFOs have yet to be proven.

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    hey billy, the other night there was a special on tv about "USOs" or unidentified Submerged Objects, ufos that travel under our earth's water and these cases have been document by the navy and as far back as to 1492- Columbus noted in his journal that he saw one when he was still a full day away from land... it was really interesting. The govt is investigating a case in Argentina now, but these cases are the only ones with actual govt/scientific proof and living witnesses w/ photos, videos etc. It really made me think...

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    Aliens fly in AFOs or alien flying objects. If you don't know what it is, you declare it a UFO. That's why there are lots of reports of UFOs, but if a flying saucer lands and little green men come out, you call it an AFO. If you know what it is and it's not an AFO, it's an IFO or an identified flying object.

    Anybody that claims that aliens fly in UFOs, is not serious about the subject and an easy way to see a con.

    I don't think AFOs have made contact with modern humans.

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  • Adam L
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    1 decade ago

    I think that out of all the billions of stars - like our Sun - in the universe. Each hopefully with a fair few planets around them, it'd be relatively good odds that other planets had life on them too. Even if it is just plants or something to start off with.

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    1 decade ago

    Maybe it is for publicity or fun, but Neil Armstrong gave an interview describing ufos he saw while on the moon. So was he lying for attention or honest.

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    They are absolutely real. But I do not make the jump that many people make in assuming UFOs are of alien origin. I think there are many objects and many well documented sightings by too many respectable people for UFOs not to exist. I think the majority of them however are from right here. Top secret planes, drones, etc. Launched by our own government .

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    I think UFOs are just that...unexplained sightings.

    People once thought meteors were aliens.

    As more of the secret aircraft the military developes come out,more and more people are starting to think...wait! thats what i saw.

    Anyone want to bet thrust vectoring aircraft was once thought of to be a UFO?

    Oh and WAS a frigin balloon.

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    1 decade ago

    they are real,i am definitely sure.

    it used to be something com men in the old days to be in touch with aliens and use their knowledge.but...'s pretty different...

    almost every site that has witnesses about UFO and they have proofed it too, are filtered bye USA government..some sites that contain stuff about historical witnesses about UFO are filtered too.doesn't that make you feel that there is really something that the GOVERNMENT is striked about it

    Source(s): my own knowledg, and i am sure!!!
  • aldo
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    1 decade ago

    it explains where titanium came from space ships tech i seriously doubt it

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