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油油 asked in 社會與文化語言 · 1 decade ago

關於the story of an honor

我想找一篇叫做 the story oh an honor 的文章...我查到的都是一些句子..要不後面加個killing 或student之類的...有沒有人看過這篇文章 可以幫我找一下....我需要原文...只要po出來就好....謝謝



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    The Story of Honor

    Bill Bodkin

    Issue date: 2/6/04 Section: Inside Beat

    As the lights went down and the smoke machines started up, Rob Feinstein was racing about the Pennsylvania National Armory in North Philadelphia. As the laser lights started and the DJ started spinning the entrance music, Feinstein stopped in his tracks before entering the locker room to survey the scene.

    It's a cold December night, two days after Christmas and his wrestling promotion is holding it's annual Final Battle event. The promotion took a big risk this night. They booked two shows: one in the afternoon with mostly new talent and one at night, featuring Ring of Honor show then a split show featuring ROH wrestlers taking on wrestlers from All-Japan Professional Wrestling. The show would take place in the largest capacity venue Ring of Honor ever promoted. When asked how he felt about the show, an awestruck Feinstein commented that he couldn't believe how big the crowd was and then walked behind the curtain. Feinstein, a veteran of the wrestling business, seemed truly in awe of what was happening. As well he should be. Today his promotion, Ring of Honor, was creating a landmark day in the long and storied history of professional wrestling in Philadelphia. Ironically, it was three years ago to the day, on another landmark day in Philadelphia wrestling history that the seeds of honor were sewn.

    其餘的內容請上 (要註冊成會員才能看全部的文章)

    如不是的話請用 "the story of honor" 去搜尋(連同雙引號), 因為honor前面是不加an的。

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