1.My uncle is a billionaire.Two things interest him most:One is how to make money,and the other is how to spend money.2.Some cities have laws to make people separate their garbage.Other cities may not have such laws...後面省略為什麼要用Other而不用Others?3.The robots we saw in the exhibition were not human-like at all.Many were really just"robotic arms,"and others looked more kike remote-controlled vehicles.這題可以用the others嗎?other, others, the other, the others, still others, still other這幾個的用法要怎麼區別??

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    That's a pen. 那是一支筆 (任何一支都可以用)

    That's the pen. 就是那隻筆 (只能指你前面提過的那隻筆)

    在第一句當中,億萬富翁的叔叔對「兩件事」有興趣,第一是賺錢,另一件是花錢,注意啦,由於前面說只有兩件事,所以這「另一件」,是確定的。就是這件,沒有其他的了,所以用the other。


    My uncle is a billionaire. A few things interest him most: One is how to make money, another is how to spend money.

    第二題很簡單,other是輔助city的,所以other cities是複數,s加在city的後面。一樣,some cities並沒指定是哪些城市,其餘的也不可能確定,所以是other cities而不是the other cities


    THE FIRST ONE was really a robot arm, and THE OTHERS looked more like remote-controlled vehicles.

    指定第一個是機器手臂,「其餘的」就很確定了,也就是除了第一個以外,全部的都像遙控車。那麼就用the others

    still others的still是強調「其餘的」之外的「其餘的」,可以省略,也是不指定的,用法跟others一樣

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    others=other people or other things.....

    the other= one person, thing or unit (ex:I like this one ,but I like the other/others too ;one is blue , the other is red ...)

    the others=the other people/things.....(ex:there're 10 students here, 8 of them are boys and the others are girls)

    still others=still other people/things.....

    remember if it has "S" its mean "more".

    2.You cant use "others",because others=other cities, will you say "other other cities"?I think you wont, so use other is better in this case.

    3. You can not use "the others",the others is used in direct comparison in the same group.

    Source(s): myself and my friend
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