Peace hurts why we have so many wars?

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    Now why would you think that?

    Contractors: All

    All Afghanistan Iraq Archived Chart

    Abt Associates Inc. Advanced Systems Development, Inc. AECOM Alexander, Deborah Lynn AllWorld Language Consultants American International Contractors, Inc. American President Lines Ltd. Anteon International Corporation AOS, Inc. Artel Atlas Case, Inc. Bald Industries Baldino, George F. Bea Mauer, Inc. BearingPoint Inc. Bechtel Group Inc. Blackwater Security Consulting L.L.C. CACI International Inc. Camp Dresser & McKee Inc. Capital Shredder Corporation Cartridge Discounters CDW Government, Inc. Cellhire USA CH2M Hill Chemonics International Inc. Chugach McKinley, Inc. Comfort Inn Complement, Inc., The Contrack International Inc. Creative Associates International Inc. Cybex International Dataline Inc. Dell Marketing L.P. Detection Monitoring Technologies Development Alternatives Inc. DHS Logistics Company Diplomat Freight Services Inc. DynCorp (Computer Sciences Corp.) Earth Tech, Inc. EGL Eagle Global Logistics EHI Company Electric Generator Store, The Environmental Chemical Corporation EOD Technology Inc. Expedited World Cargo Inc. Explosive Ordnance Technologies Inc. Export Depot Federal Data Corporation Fluor Corp. Force 3 Foster Wheeler Co. General Electric Company Giesecke & Devrient America Global Container Lines Ltd. Global Professional Solutions Global Services GPS Store, Inc., The GTSI Corp Hardware Associates Harris Corporation Inglett and Stubbs LLC Intelligent Enterprise Solutions International American Products Inc. International Global Systems, Inc. International Resources Group J & B Truck Repair Service John S. Connor Inc. JSI Inc. Kellogg, Brown & Root (Halliburton) Kollsman Inc Kroll Inc. Kropp Holdings Lab Safety Supply Laguna Construction Company, Inc. LandSea Systems, Inc. Landstar Express America Inc. Liberty Shipping Group Ltd. Logenix International L.L.C. Louis Berger Group Lucent Technologies World Services, Inc. Management Systems International McNeil Technologies, Inc. Mediterranean Shipping Company MEI Research Corporation Michael Baker Jr., Inc. Midwest Research Institute Military Professional Resources Inc. Miscellaneous Foreign Contract Motorola Inc. MZM Inc. NANA Pacific Native American Industrial Distributors Inc. Night Vision Equipment Company Nuttall, James S. Ocean Bulkships Inc. Odebrect-Austin Outfitter Satellite, Inc. PAE Government Services Inc. Paro, Amy K. Parsons Corp. Parsons Energy and Chemicals Group Perini Corporation Raytheon Aerospace LLC Raytheon Technical Services Reabold, Miguel (Michael) Readiness Management Support LC (Johnson Controls Inc.) Red River Computer Company Redcom Laboratories Research Triangle Institute Ronco Consulting Corporation S&C Electric Company S&K Technologies Inc. Sampler, Donald L. Science Applications International Corp. Sealift Inc. Segovia Inc. SETA Corporation Shaw Group/Shaw E & I Signature Science Simmonds Precision Products SkyLink Air and Logistic Support (USA) Inc. Smith Office Machines Corporation Social Impact Inc. Sodexho Inc. SPARCO Stanley Baker Hill L.L.C. Stanley Consultants Staples National Advantage Stevedoring Services of America Stratex Freedom Services Structural Engineers TECO Ocean Shipping Co. Tekontrol, Inc. Tetra Tech Inc. Titan Corporation Total Business Transfair North America International Triumph Technologies Tryco Inc. Unisys Corporation United Defense Industries, L.P. University of Nebraska at Omaha USA Environmental Inc. Vinnell Corporation (Northrop Grumman) Ward Transformer Sales & Services Washington Group International WECSYS Weston Solutions, Inc. World Fuel Services Corp. Young, Brian Zapata Engineering

    Contractor Value Value FY02 Agency

    Abt Associates Inc.

    Iraq $43,818,278 USAID

    Advanced Systems Development, Inc.

    Iraq $259,958.56 DoD


    Iraq $21,610,501 DoD

    Alexander, Deborah Lynn

    Afghanistan $168,625 USAID

    AllWorld Language Consultants

    Iraq $4,051,349 DoD

    American International Contractors, Inc.

    Iraq $1,500,000,000 DoD

    American President Lines Ltd.

    Iraq $5,000,000 USAID

    Anteon International Corporation

    Afghanistan $6,800,000 DoD

    AOS, Inc.

    Iraq $866,988 DoD



    Atlas Case, Inc.

    Iraq $17,243 DoD

    Bald Industries

    Iraq $35,734 DoD

    Baldino, George F.

    Afghanistan $263,000 USAID

    Bea Mauer, Inc.

    Iraq $9,920 DoD

    BearingPoint Inc.

    Afghanistan $64,100,00 USAID

    BearingPoint Inc.

    Iraq $240,162,668 USAID

    Bechtel Group Inc.

    Iraq $2,829,833,859 USAID

    Blackwater Security Consulting L.L.C.

    Iraq $21,331,693 DoD

    CACI International Inc.

    Iraq $66,221,143.19 Interior

    Camp Dresser & McKee Inc.

    Afghanistan $1,700,000 USAID

    Capital Shredder Corporation

    Iraq $11,803 DoD

    Cartridge Discounters

    Iraq $40,492 DoD

    CDW Government, Inc.

    Iraq $35,174 DoD

    Cellhire USA

    Iraq $1,465,983 DoD

    CH2M Hill

    Iraq $1,528,500,000 DoD

    Chemonics International Inc.

    Afghanistan $167,759,000 USAID

    Chugach McKinley, Inc.

    Iraq $3,068,407 DoD

    Comfort Inn

    Iraq $47,324 DoD

    Complement, Inc., The

    Iraq $3,358 DoD

    Contrack International Inc.

    Iraq $2,325,000,000 DoD

    Contrack International Inc.

    Afghanistan $500,000,000 DoD

    Creative Associates International Inc.

    Afghanistan $60,000,000 USAID

    Creative Associates International Inc.

    Iraq $273,539,368 USAID

    Cybex International

    Afghanistan $4,838 DoD

    Dataline Inc.

    Iraq $1,028,851.89 DoD

    Dell Marketing L.P.

    Iraq $513,678.88 DoD

    Detection Monitoring Technologies

    Iraq $5,584,482 DoD

    Development Alternatives Inc.

    Iraq $39,523,857 USAID

    Development Alternatives Inc.

    Afghanistan $9,594,000 USAID

    DHS Logistics Company

    Afghanistan $378,000 $288,000 DoD

    DHS Logistics Company

    Iraq $223,497 DoD

    Diplomat Freight Services Inc.

    Afghanistan $2,604,276 $2,604,000 State

    DynCorp (Computer Sciences Corp.)

    Afghanistan $43,559,421 $130,000 State

    DynCorp (Computer Sciences Corp.)

    Iraq $50,000,000 State

    Earth Tech, Inc.

    Iraq $65,449,155 DoD

    EGL Eagle Global Logistics

    Iraq $111,000 USAID

    EHI Company

    Iraq $3,956 DoD

    Electric Generator Store, The

    Iraq $6,974 DoD

    Environmental Chemical Corporation

    Iraq $1,475,000,000 DoD

    EOD Technology Inc.

    Iraq $71,900,000 DoD

    Expedited World Cargo Inc.

    Iraq $55,004 USAID

    Explosive Ordnance Technologies Inc.

    Iraq $1,475,000,000 DoD

    Export Depot

    Iraq $21,182 DoD

    Federal Data Corporation

    Afghanistan $1,991,770 DoD

    Fluor Corp.

    Iraq $3,754,964,295 DoD

    Force 3

    Iraq $274,651.95 DoD

    Foster Wheeler Co.

    Iraq $8,416,985 DoD

    General Electric Company

    Iraq Value Unknown DoD

    General Electric Company

    Afghanistan $8,525,498 DoD

    Giesecke & Devrient America

    Iraq $72,700 DoD

    Global Container Lines Ltd.

    Iraq $1,850,000 USAID

    Global Professional Solutions

    Iraq $590,232 DoD

    Global Services

    Iraq $910,468 DoD

    GPS Store, Inc., The

    Iraq $19,761 DoD

    GTSI Corp

    Afghanistan $70,220 DoD

    Hardware Associates

    Iraq $4,304 DoD

    Harris Corporation

    Iraq $165,000,000 DoD

    Inglett and Stubbs LLC

    Iraq $1,826,974 DoD

    Inglett and Stubbs LLC

    Afghanistan $6,348,271 DoD

    Intelligent Enterprise Solutions

    Iraq $19,835 DoD

    International American Products Inc.

    Iraq $628,421,252 DoD

    International American Products Inc.

    Afghanistan $20,080,636 $683,000 DoD

    International Global Systems, Inc.

    Iraq $157,383.40 DoD

    International Resources Group

    Afghanistan $1,230,000 USAID

    International Resources Group

    Iraq $38,000,000 USAID

    J & B Truck Repair Service

    Afghanistan $1,353,477 DoD

    John S. Connor Inc.

    Iraq $34,153 USAID

    JSI Inc.

    Iraq $3,376 DoD

    Kellogg, Brown & Root (Halliburton)

    Iraq $10,832,000,000 DoD

    Kellogg, Brown & Root (Halliburton)

    Afghanistan $599,000,000 $114,999,000 DoD

    Kollsman Inc


    Kroll Inc.

    Iraq Value Unknown USAID

    Kropp Holdings

    Iraq $11,880,000 DoD

    Lab Safety Supply

    Iraq $53,379 DoD

    Laguna Construction Company, Inc.

    Iraq $19,536,683 DoD

    LandSea Systems, Inc.

    Iraq $47,750 DoD

    Landstar Express America Inc.

    Iraq $24,396 USAID

    Liberty Shipping Group Ltd.

    Iraq $7,300,000 USAID

    Logenix International L.L.C.

    Iraq $29,000 USAID

    Louis Berger Group

    Afghanistan $10,228,894 - $300,000,000 $5,229,000 USAID

    Louis Berger Group

    Iraq $27,671,364 DoD

    Lucent Technologies World Services, Inc.

    Iraq $75,000,000 DoD

    Management Systems International

    Afghanistan $14,700,000 USAID

    Management Systems International

    Iraq $15,116,328 USAID

    McNeil Technologies, Inc.

    Iraq $716,651 DoD

    Mediterranean Shipping Company

    Iraq $13,000 USAID

    MEI Research Corporation


    Michael Baker Jr., Inc.

    Afghanistan $1,471,238 DoD

    Michael Baker Jr., Inc.

    Iraq $4,528,328 DoD

    Midwest Research Institute

    Iraq $1,765,000 DoD

    Military Professional Resources Inc.

    Iraq $2,608,794.74 DoD

    Miscellaneous Foreign Contract

    Iraq $3,026,630 DoD

    Miscellaneous Foreign Contract

    Afghanistan $10,463,180 DoD

    Motorola Inc.

    Iraq $15,591,732 DoD

    MZM Inc.

    Iraq $1,213,632 DoD

    NANA Pacific

    Iraq $70,000,000 DoD

    Native American Industrial Distributors Inc.

    Iraq $123,572 DoD

    Night Vision Equipment Company

    Iraq $153,118 DoD

    Nuttall, James S.

    Afghanistan $187,000 USAID

    Ocean Bulkships Inc.

    Iraq $5,000,000 USAID


    Iraq $1,500,000,000 DoD

    Outfitter Satellite, Inc.

    Iraq $33,203 DoD

    PAE Government Services Inc.

    Afghanistan $7,007,158 $5,714,000 State

    Paro, Amy K.

    Afghanistan $94,457 $94,000 USAID

    Parsons Corp.

    Iraq $5,286,136,252 DoD

    Parsons Energy and Chemicals Group

    Iraq $43,361,340 DoD

    Perini Corporation

    Iraq $2,525,000,000 DoD

    Perini Corporation

    Afghanistan $14,000,000 - $25,000,000 DoD

    Raytheon Aerospace LLC

    Afghanistan $91,096,464 $2,044,000 DoD

    Raytheon Technical Services

    Iraq $12,412,573 DoD

    Reabold, Miguel (Michael)

    Afghanistan $136,603 USAID

    Readiness Management Support LC (Johnson Controls Inc.)

    Afghanistan $40,792,343 $828,000 DoD

    Readiness Management Support LC (Johnson Controls Inc.)

    Iraq $173,965,104 USAID

    Red River Computer Company

    Iraq $972,592.90 DoD

    Redcom Laboratories

    Afghanistan $24,375 DoD

    Research Triangle Institute

    Iraq $466,070,508 USAID

    Ronco Consulting Corporation

    Iraq $12,008,289.60 DoD

    Ronco Consulting Corporation

    Afghanistan $12,423,633 $6,771,000 USAID / State / DoD

    S&C Electric Company

    Afghanistan $34,800 DoD

    S&K Technologies Inc.

    Iraq $4,950,384.80 DoD

    Sampler, Donald L.

    Afghanistan $81,000 USAID

    Science Applications International Corp.

    Iraq $159,304,219 DoD

    Sealift Inc.

    Iraq $4,000,000 USAID

    Segovia Inc.

    Iraq $320,636 DoD

    SETA Corporation

    Iraq $3,165,765 DoD

    Shaw Group/Shaw E & I

    Iraq $3,050,749,910 DoD

    Signature Science

    Iraq $4,704,464 DoD

    Simmonds Precision Products

    Iraq $4,412,488 DoD

    SkyLink Air and Logistic Support (USA) Inc.

    Iraq $27,344,600 USAID

    Smith Office Machines Corporation

    Iraq $2,961 DoD

    Social Impact Inc.

    Afghanistan $1,875,000 USAID

    Sodexho Inc.

    Afghanistan $324,120 $324,000 State


    Iraq $9,215 DoD

    Stanley Baker Hill L.L.C.

    Iraq $1,200,000,000 DoD

    Stanley Consultants

    Iraq $7,709,767 DoD

    Staples National Advantage

    Iraq $4,194 DoD

    Stevedoring Services of America

    Iraq $14,318,895 USAID

    Stratex Freedom Services

    Afghanistan $1,978,175 DoD

    Structural Engineers

    Iraq $1,113,000 DoD

    TECO Ocean Shipping Co.

    Iraq $7,200,000 USAID

    Tekontrol, Inc.

    Afghanistan $85,146 DoD

    Tetra Tech Inc.

    Iraq $1,541,947,671 DoD

    Titan Corporation

    Iraq $402,000,000 DoD

    Total Business

    Iraq $4,696 DoD

    Transfair North America International

    Iraq $19,351 USAID

    Triumph Technologies

    Iraq $228,924 DoD

    Tryco Inc.

    Afghanistan $400,000 DoD

    Unisys Corporation

    Iraq $320,000 DoD

    United Defense Industries, L.P.

    Iraq $4,500,000 DoD

    University of Nebraska at Omaha

    Afghanistan $7,072,468 USAID

    USA Environmental Inc.

    Iraq $1,541,947,671 DoD

    Vinnell Corporation (Northrop Grumman)

    Iraq $48,074,442 DoD

    Ward Transformer Sales & Services

    Iraq $115,000 DoD

    Washington Group International

    Iraq $3,133,078,193 DoD

    Washington Group International

    Afghanistan $500,000 - $500,000,000 DoD


    Iraq $3,040 DoD

    Weston Solutions, Inc.

    Iraq $16,279,724 DoD

    World Fuel Services Corp.

    Afghanistan $19,762,792 DoD

    Young, Brian

    Afghanistan $106,150 $39,000 State

    Zapata Engineering

    Iraq $1,478,838,958 DoD

  • 1 decade ago

    You should watch "Why we Fight". It talks about the one and only and true conspiracy going on. It pretty much says that a small rich powerful elite controls most of the political process and for various obvious reason (which I won't go into here), there's an interest by this elite in keeping parts of the world unstable and sometimes even at war.

  • 1 decade ago

    You hit the nail on the head. Almost ever conflict could be settled by just sitting down at a table and talking or trying to help these countries feel equal in the world. But that isnt how the globalists get rich so it isnt going to happen.

  • C J
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    1 decade ago

    Not true. We have so many wars because people, by nature are not peaceful.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Of course it is , In reality that's about the only reason we have wars

  • Yes, but that is only one reason.

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