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I know the US has the best military, but why can't they give everyone the training Rangers get? I'm talking about the US Army, i think a regular recruit should get Ranger training, and that will be our regular Army Soldiers, and then Special Forces should be like the Seals Training. And for Marines, they should get even tougher, or at least Longer, they are one of the best, why not be better?

Air Force training is a joke, i mean come on! Anyone who joins the Air Force is considered a wussie, they should get ranger training too, and that will be our regular Airmen. So then they could be involved in the fighting as well.

You know what?? why can't they just train everybody like they train the Special Operations?? We will be more powerful and stronger. Our regular training should be at least 4 months and special forces should be over a year.

Anyone agree? lol


whoan whoa whoa! You guys are taking this s.h.i.t too

I was just saying this will be something cool, i know i said why this and why that, but i know it will be a waste of time and it will cost a lot of money. I guess i forgot to ask if u guys think that would be a cool idea if it was possible. I mean, why not. But i know we can't

Update 2:

whoan whoa whoa! You guys are taking this s.h.i.t too

I was just saying this will be something cool, i know i said why this and why that, but i know it will be a waste of time and it will cost a lot of money. I guess i forgot to ask if u guys think that would be a cool idea if it was possible. I mean, why not. But i know we can't

Update 3:

Air Force training is a joke man, my sister has a friend who joined and wanted some dicipline, and guess what?? He is still the same idiot he was A shy shy person who is not confident about himself. He does like it, but i guess it's because it was easy and even easier now. Now special operations is a whole different thing, the only peole who get respect in the Air Force are the Pilots and the guys from the special operations.

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    because not everyone is a ranger, and it cost to much. you get the training for your job

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    Two basic reasons:

    1. Training costs money.

    2. It would be impossible to find enough people.

    This is the reality of any military organization in the world. Training costs money. So do uniforms, food and bullets, it comes down to money. Specialized training costs even more money, and people get hurt and flunk out, so you need to find even more qualified people than what you expect to get at the end of the training evolution. Need 30 rangers? Recruit 45 or 50. Need 10 Seals? Recruit 30 or more so you can account for injuries and voluntary dismissals.

    Airborne? Airborne has an allowance for injuries at jump time. They assume they will lose X people at the jump, before the first shot is fired.

    Plain math.

    Here's the problem: you have been watching too many movies. Just because somebody puts on a green beret doesn't turn him into superman. If you ever met real special forces operators those are the most average looking guys you will ever meet in your life. None of them looks like Rambo.

    Why make the US forces any tougher? We already have the whole damn world against us accussing us of being blood thirsty warmongers, and your solution is to toughen up the military?

    What we need to do is keep exploiting the new unmanned armed drones, and the new robots that can be used to recconoiter by fire and evacuate casualties in the middle of a combat situation. This way you won't have a medic get shot up trying to pull a wounder soldier out to safety, and those explosive ordenance disposal techs can actually use their training to dismantle bombs with a robot instead of getting blown up cutting the red wire.

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    Sorry everyone was freaking out lol. Yeah, I think it would be cool if they could do that. But I know what you mean, it costs a lot of money but it's a nice concept. The other problem would be, though, that a lot of men would not be able to make it through that training. When my husband graduated his BCT, I remember seeing all these kids that didn't even look 18! I heard about a lot of guys in his platoon that were suckers and weren't doing so well on their physical training tests. Not everyone can handle even the training they are doing now in the army! I think they want to make it easy enough so any idiot can join! But I guess that is a good thing as well, because plenty of guys go in and come out better men because of all the things they had to do. Anyway... that's my two cents!

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    Because it takes alot more money to send someone through Special Ops training and not everyone can make it and even more, it takes huge amounts of time. I can only speak for the Marines but I can tell you that the basic marine after going through Boot Camp and SOI (School Of Infantry), is more of a bad *** than some of the "special forces" of other countries that I saw.

    You do have a good point my friend but it is just not necessary, they guy that is running radar 350 miles from fighting will never need to know how to detonate heavy explosives or set up a ambush.

    I do agree with you about the Air Force though,

    Force Recon (Special Forces)

    United States Marines

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    No no one agrees with you. All the other people who answered were on the right track. It would cost to much and is unneccessary. Each person is trained to do the job they need to do and we need cooks and gas pumpers as much as we need rangers and medics :) Just because on is more glamorous than the other doesn't mean the job is any less valuable. And you should research the difference between the different Special Operations groups. It isn't a question of having more or less, easier or harder training, they each ahve a different mission and are trained for that mission accordingly as well.

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    Dont talk crap about Air Force training until you been there bro. 1 Nov it goes to 8 weeks. It is not a joke like most people think.

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    I was going to flame you but i will try this approach ,people older and somewhat wiser than you and me decided how much and what kind of training is needed and when to change the required amount ,to borrow from that great MILITARARY EPIC "STRIPES" We are 10 and 1 !! if it ain't broke don't fix it! i work as a civilian contractor on McChord Afb in Tacoma and these people have exactly the right amount of training.Before you speak on matters of life and death at least know the meaning of A SHOT FIRED IN ANGER or HAVING SEEN THE ELEPHANT-

    Source(s): Iwill pay your plane fare and at least your HMO deductable if you come to this airforce base and call my PARA RESCUE friends wussies- this is legit offer contact me by email-sissy boy
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    Well, I would think it is because most people can't cut the training. Many try out, but few make it, and even fewer complete it. It is tough both mentally and physically.

    The cost is outrageous and why train people for something they don't need.

    BTW- what are you planning on enlisting in...Marines or you going for Ranger or Seal?

    Or do you just talk?

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    the special force soldiers are trained like the seals ,delta force may even be trained harder .im with 160th special operation aviation regiment flying MH-60L Blackhawk and we train harder than any other aviation regiment in the it is actually depends on the unit

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    Rangers don't do most of the fighting. It is more important to train people in the complicated weapons systems that do most of the damage in a battle.

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    Now there is a question from someone who DOESN"T HAVE A CLUE!!! Where do you gain your vast knowledge from???? Certainly not experience in the Military!!!

    Join, get trained, then and only then will your opinion matter!

    Source(s): 26 years USN and counting!
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