do military years of experience carry over to gov't experience, relating to retirement eligibility?

ie Navy JAGC for 5 years transfer over to US Attorney years of experience for retirement?

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    Yes and you also have to buy your time back. Right now I am paying $100 a month to buy back my military time. For 4 years in the military I have to pay $1600. I will then have a total of 9 years federal service.

    Source(s): I work for VA.
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    Yes but you have to buy back your years toward retirement (3% of your pay for your time in service)

    Source(s): doing so now
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    Yes, if you were active duty for over 181 days and the job at the US Attorney's office is federal civil service.

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    yes, but you have to pay a tax on your military earnings that was exempt while you were military. This is to add the military time to your retirement.

    Your 5 years is immediately added to your time in service for vacation, sick, and govt service.

    Source(s): search civil service employees
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    Yes, it transfers over, but I was told that things such as seniority don't transfer. you should ask the person doing the hiring to be completely sure.

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    Unless of course you got any kind of compensation, i.e. separation pay or medical retirement... then you MAY have to pay a portion of that back also....

    Source(s): 26 years USN and counting
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    Yes, I believe so.

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    yes it is called GS level, government service.

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    Yes... but you have to pay for it. My husband just did it !!!

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