Whats Army Basic Training like??

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    Imagine what is the most tired that you have felt in your whole life, add to that the most stress you have felt at one time. On top of this you are tired because even if you have 7 hours of sleep you have to wake up to pull hall CQ runner or fire guard duty.

    Add to this one very senior drill sergeant, who will definitely be a combat veteran, and two hyperactive and borderline sadistic assistant drill sergeants, who will probably be combat veterans too. Neither of these three men will speak to you for at least 2 weeks or so. Instead they will bark at you. They won't miss any of your screw ups, their attention to detail is fantastic, almost inhuman.

    These three men will break you down without laying a finger on you, both physically and psychologically. Then they'll build you up as they are trained to. After sometime around the 4-5 week mark, unless you are a complete idiot, they will start speaking to you almost as if you are a fellow human being.

    If you are still there by week 7 then you'll make it. If your platoon is ahead in the company competitions, he may even let you guys order pizza and watch TV on Sunday evenings.

    BTW, I am not exaggerating. I know that the Army tried to crank down the psychological hazing, but it is still there. I also know that since Iraq started basic training has been modified to include realistic urban training, instead of the open field/woods training that we all received in the early 90's.

    The other thing that is different is a shift in the old mentality of technicians v. combat soldiers. During the 90's there was a mentality between us techs that what it was important was for us to know our jobs, not to play soldiers. Why? Because we thought we would always have grunts around to protect us.

    The Marines on the other hand are first riflemen, then technicians. It's a service culture thing, which is why it is taking an Army-wide effort to combat it.

    Now the Army has to figure out a way to get into the heads of soldiers in non combat branches that they are first soldiers, then technicians or whatever it is they do.

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    It trains you to be a soldier.

    Honestly, it's difficult to describe. I could give you a daily routine, and descriptions of what you'll do, but it's hard to describe what it's like to march up a hill of sand for four hours after getting six hours of sleep over three days, then turn to look back at it, and think that this is one of your biggest accomplishments in life.

    The Drill Sergeants will break you down for the first few weeks, and then they will train you to be a soldier. You learn how to take apart and put together your M16, how to apply camoflauge, how to read maps, the right way to crawl around on your stomach, and how to march for umpteen miles with a pack on your back. It's nothing fancy--that's what AIT is for--just basic skills that every soldier needs to know.

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    Go to


    They have such great information on basically anything that you can think of! Go there, and just browse around for a while. They will tell you what Basic Training is like, what MEPS is like, and all the jobs that the Army has.

    Good luck!

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    You reach the reception center, and fill all your paperwork. Cross your t"s and dot your I"s, then they send you to your holding barracks, for approx. 2 to 3 days. during this time you get your medical shots, and get uniforms, haircut. After these 2 or 3 days they send you to your Barracks. This is when all hell break loose for the next 9 weeks. At this point, you start getting up at 4 a.m. You well met your Drill Sergeants in charge of your platoon. After you finish you 9 weeks of basic training. you"ll be proud of yourself. Next step 9 more weeks of training, If your lucky A.I.T. ---- Advance Infantry Training. you"ll love it.

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    It's very hard. You have to be in top physical and mental shape. If you're not you will not be accepted. I recommend before joining the military to start a training regimine just to prepare you. They train you to kill the enemy and they prepare you for combat. It is not easy.

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    You look too fat to go to the Army. Join the Marine Corps. If that is your pic you kind of look like Pvt. Pyle off of Full Metal Jacket. If you want to go something though, Go National Guard, if you want it easy that is.

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    Tough, I was is the Infantry, 16 years ago.

    Don;t Join the Military, specially now. Currently are troops are being used as canon fodder.

    Join , the coast gaurd or Air Force.....dont die for bush.

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    Its hard to put into words the contradictory experience of humiliation, indoctrination and redemption that drill sergeants have perfected as they seek to mold their recruits into a single unit that will show no hesitation in killing the enemy.

    I wouldn't suggest it now that we are committed to waging war in Iraq.

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    basicly its like training

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