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Please read the first two paragraphs of the pope's speach and tell me what you think?

All you need to do is read the first and second paragraphs of the pope's speech, and you will know that what he said was uncalled for and divisive. Basically, he is weighing Islam's so-called "evil" against the "goodness" of the Catholic religion.

I detest the violent reaction of some Muslims, but I think that the pope was out of line. Please read the paragraphs and tell me what you think?



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    I think his speech was clearly written so the now famous quotes would be easily taken out of context, provoke the radical Muslims (he clearly succeeded on that one) and justify one or more of several things, such as,

    1) Support for US war policy

    2) Prevent Turkey's proposed EU membership

    3) Support for Israel's war policy

    4) Some hidden agenda we don't know about YET

    It is unfortunate that he directly caused the death of a nun and so much violence all over the world. He should have known better. But then, violence and deceit have been a regular feature in the ways of the Catholic Church over the centuries.

    I don't know if he's a Nazi as your user name suggests, but judging by what he was doing BEFORE becoming pope and what's he's been up to since, he's pretty close.

    Religions in general are the main cause or at least the main excuse for violence, death, ignorance, underdevelopment, abuse and untold suffering in the history of mankind.

    Actual peace will never be achieved as long as religions influence people's minds and behavior.

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    The same ones saying that the Muslims are proving the Pope right are the same ones who Believe oil played no role in BUSHS' decision to invade Iraq. It was political why would he NOT anticipate this reaction...he inflamed them on purpose knowing full well the weight of his words.

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    The Pope is just fullfilling his global function as religious orator for big business and their wars. It always has been this way, from supporting the Nazis (bishops) to sermoning against condom use in AIDS epidemic Africa.

    The Pope knew what he was saying 100%.

    He is a Corporate Pope.

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    Personally I don't care. The Pope is entightled to his opinion as is every one else. He should not have to censor himself to keep radical muslims from getting upset. I wish I had a picture of me beating the crap out of muhamed and I would post it on here. I would hope most of the muslims would get so upset that maybe half of them would die of a stroke or heart attack immediately. Just trying to do my part in the war on terror.

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    the pope made all the christians and the west look like barbarians,

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