Is distilled water bad to drink?

My husband came home one day with 2.5 gallon of distilled water, we usually drink "mountain spring water" but who knows what got into his head... anyhow, that's beside the point. My question is, what is the effect the water has on people after drinking for a while? Please answer quick because I don't want to drink it!!!

I know that the process of making distilled water takes away all the minerals and all that so I was wondering if it's worth it to buy this kind of water to drink... I mean, if I have choices to by different kind of water... with the similar price, I'm going to pick the best kind I can find. Thank you for answering... Oh! If you work for distilled water company or you are a sale person for distilled water machine, don't answer because the answer might not be all true...

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    as long as that isn't the only water you drink it is fine.when you drink distilled water you are drinking a hypo-tonic solution. It has low or no solute particles, and lots of water particles. So when you drink it the water rushes into your blood cells because they want to have and even number of water particles on the out side of the cells as the inside. so they explode. The opposite is true when you drink salt water, the shrivel because water rushes out.So you can die if that is all you drink

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    Many seem uneducated about this topic and and fall for the propaganda they read online pfft. Distilled water is actually great for your liver and kidneys, leaves no trace of minerals, and leaches all of the INORGANIC minerals from your body like an antioxidant. A cup a day is beneficial for the health. I drink a warm glass with a little lemon juice. Im as healthy as an Ox.

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    It is perfectly safe to drink. It doesn't have a bad taste, just a clean pure taste. Pure H2O has no extra additives or minerals. You get most of your minerals needed from your food. Boston college did studies that concluded you needed to drink 100's to 1000's of glasses of water a day to get your daily recommended amount of minerals depending on which mineral it is. You will not die or put yourself in harm by drinking it.

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    It is not bad to drink distilled water but it just doesn't taste the same as spring water. I use distilled water for my iron.

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    Water with minerals is better because natural water has minerals. I wouldnt recomend distilled water all the time. There is nothing wrong with water out of the tap though. I am biased because a manage a municipal water plant but I also know a lot about this subject because of what I do for a living. Its WAY cheaper too.

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    Drinking destilled water for 3 years, Dr. say it was good for avoiding kidney stones.

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    Distilled water according to a Dr. who has written a booklet on this subject, he says that he got rid of chronic Arthritis in many of his patients.

    While it doesn't have debris & pathogens, you do need to supplement with minerals. Free Minerals from a clean ocean can be added to your drinking water. (according to taste)

    Tap water has two chemicals in it that help cause Cancer, Sodium Fluoride & Chlorine.

    Sodium Fluoride also affects Thyroid so that you put on more weight.

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    You are right on the minerals. You need them.

    And distilled water tastes pretty flat.

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    It is still water, it won't do any harm. The only thing I have used distilled water for was to put in the clothing iron.

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