Unhappy with easyjet service? Me too, any comments?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Easyjet are really very good. (Sorry!) I think a lot of people mis-understand what Easyjet (and RyanAir) are about. They are not about bells and whistles, fancy add on's and other such. They do offer some rock bottom fares on many routes. You pay your money and you get taken from point A to point B. They do, in effect, exactly what they say on the tin and no more. In many cases "You" means exactly that: "You" - not your baggage or extra bits just "You". Anything else and you pay. Food - pay, drink -pay, seat? Everyman for himself, no prisoners taken and no quarter given. So, you get from A to B and cheaply (most of the time - unless it was on RyanAir to the World Cup last year). Now, if you want the frills and food and 23 kg baggage and you want to change your flights and a big seat - by all means book business class on a full service airline from Heathrow. A flight to Paris from London will cost about £400 mind - but you will get the service. So, before you have a go at the so-called "low cost" airlines, please understand that you need to realise what they are trying to do. Easyjet staff are, form my extensive experience of them, amongst some of the best trained I have come across and they could teach that mob down at Heathrow a thing or to!

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