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How do you get bottom layer flat for layer cake?

I'm not a baker but, I'm making layer cake and need to know how to get bottom layer flat so I can frost without that big space between the layers. Any way to do it without cutting rounded top off?


You are all great! Answers galore. Thanks so much because I have to do this right now. It's for tonight. Thanks again. Gee, how will I choose a 'best answer'? : )

Update 2:

I'm still eating the one I ruined yesterday! I'm gonna get so fat! Ha,ha!

Update 3:

Uh Oh! I frosted it and the frosting must have been too heavy. The top layer split right in two. Well, it's just for my young son and I think he will eat it anyhow. Thanks to everyone for wonderful answers.

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    My mom did quite a bit of cake decorating and she always cut it off, I just baked like 10 cakes for a fund raiser and had the same problem.. I should have followed my own advise!

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    What I do is turn the bottom layer upside down. The weight of the cake will flatten it and the top will be the part that was at the bottom of the pan, and is perfectly flat.

    If you are making a multiple layer cake and have to split the layers, the easiest way to do that is with a piece of strong thread (linen thread or polyester thread) and just make a small slice where you want to cut it, then put the thread across and pull it through the cake. Works like a charm!

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    turn the bottom cake upside down and load it with frosting on top. you WILL have to cut the top off the next layers if you want them flat. Use a long sharp bread knife also use plenty of icing and a knife ocaaisionally dipped in hot water to keep the icing clean and smooth

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    Measure dental floss longer than width of cake and line up at the lowest point of "crown", (the part that rises above rest of cake and makes it uneven). Gently pull floss towards you. Repeat this step with all layers of cake. Put cut sides together and this will put bottom of cake on top, making it much easier to frost and not leave "crumbs" in your frosting.

    Source(s): I've decorated cakes for several years as a hobby, this is the easiest way I have found other than purchasing the tool for this specific job.
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    Do the bottom layer upside-down. The side that is in the bottom of the pan will be nice and flat.

    I'm not a baker, but I am a cake-o-holic and I've watched my wife make them many times.

  • bakers cut the rounded part off... I just turn it upside down...

    another cool way is to add more icing until the top is flat again then put the next layer on... a favorite for icing lovers...

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    Turn cake upside down and fill in space on cake dish with frosting.

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    Turn one of the layers upside down and then put the other layer right side up on top of it. My mom did it all the time.!!!!

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    flip it upside down the weight of the cake should flatten the top and then frost the bottom as if it was the top. good luck

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    I have always had to slice the bottom layers round top off. I really haven't found any other way to do it.

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