My varsity baseball team?

How good do you think my varsity baseball team be next year. we lost 5 starters and went were 3 games away from the State title. it was the best team in our schools hitory. i live in Indiana. we are a class a school the class for very small schools.

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    It depends on who the 5 starters you lost are. Were they pitchers, catcher, shortstop, power hitter, etc.

    Teams that only loose 5 players might be okay...but if one of the 5 players was your best pitcher, or your best power hitter, or a good leadoff hitter, good Outfielder, etc...

    I really depends on who you lost. The high school team I coach only lost 3 players from last season...but one was our 2nd team All-State catcher, one was a 12 game winner (pitcher) and the other was our 1st baseman. The guys we have replacing them are good, but not as good. Two are going to be we are not sure how our team is going to be.

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    It would really depend on how deep your bench was this year and how much experience they aquired, and who the five starters were that you lost. Also you would have to look around your league at the teams that finished near you and what their teams will bring back next year. If the five players that you are losing were key players that played a big role in your success, then I would say you might be in trouble. But if the players that you lost were role players or if you have some younger players coming up that have potential, then I would say that you could be in good shape. Just make sure your younger players have someone in a leadership role to bring them along and make them reach their potential. Remember baseball is not like other sports. Any team can and often does win on any givin day. Baseball is one sport that holds true to the rule that if you believe in yourself you can do anything.

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    If tennis is an similar season as baseball, you should stick with tennis, because you're especially strong at it! even if in case you're a organic, you could continually strengthen, and that i understand from journey that faculty tennis gamers are just about all like the #a million gamers in intense college (so very strong). I advise that you seek for suggestion from from the baseball coach, actual clarify your situation, prepare him your skills, and ask him what the possibilities are of you making the crew. you should continually connect a summer baseball league to play with pals.

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    Your team sounds like it sucks! you and the rest of the team should quit!!!!

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