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applying to US university

I need to know the details about us universities.

i'm currently studying in US highschool. and I play the violin.

I want to do double major(performing art and something else) when i go to college. what should i do except for taking SAT ??

and how do i apply for a double major?

anybody has any suggestion where i can go for college?

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    我有認識的親戚也是拉小提琴 他很積極參加比賽 後來得了全加州第一名

    而且他功課很好 所以後來進了史丹佛


    建議你可以參加一些比賽~加油拿到獎狀 對你升學會很有幫助

    因為你擅長的東西不是紙筆考的出來的 所以就只能靠比賽了


    或是到外面上小提琴的補習班 問那邊的指導者應該都可以得到很多資訊

    Double Major的話~不是任何人都可以拿的~

    再申請大學的時候 會先選擇一個major

    等上了大學 拿了一些課

    才能跟學校申請double major

    而且成績要好 學校才會答應你double

    因為double major的課業會滿繁重的 所以學校才不會開放性的讓學生修兩個

    怕會負荷不來 要是你對自己有自信也願意努力的話我想是沒問題的

    至於你大學要上哪裡 我的推薦是UC系列的(要看那個UC有你想要的系 可以去你學校的career center問或是上UC的網站看)

    不過你的major是performing arts 所以考慮一些私立的art school也會不錯 不過需要考慮的經濟問題~因為art school都很貴的

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    about the detail of universities ,you can visit the to search the info ,inculding the detail of them

    if you wanna do the double majors ,you have to over your college first year course ,then apply the double majour courses in the result . in addition ,you must spent more time ,about one year ,to over the double majors

    expect for taking SAT ,you can do other activities to show you are a excellent student,for instance community service .etc.

    about where you wanna go ,you have to do search the info in the schools' website or yourself,.....................JUST DO IT >>

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