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我想問幾個有關J.K Rowling的問題20點喔..

1. How did you Rowling get the idea for the Herry Potter?

2. Did Roeling expect the Herry Potter series to be successful?

3. In Rowling’opinion ,has success changed her?

4. What are Rowling’hobbies?

5. Who are Rowling’favorite authors?




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    How did you Rowling get the idea for the Herry Potter?



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    1Afer leaving university, she worked in London. But in 1990, deciding to move up to Manchester, and after weekend’s flat-hunting, she was traveling back to London on her own on a crowded train, that the idea for Harry Potter simply fell into her head.

    2 She would have been crazy to have expected what has happened to Harry. The most exciting moment for her, against very stiff competition, was when she found out Harry was going to be published. It was her life's ambition to see a book she had written on a shelf in a bookshop. Everything that has happened since has been extraordinary and wonderful, but the mere fact of being able to say she was a published author was the fulfillment of a dream she had had since she was a very small child.

    3 she never expected to be talking to journalists or doing lots of promotional work, and she have reached the point now where she have to say 'no' to a lot of things just to make sure that she get enough time to write. On the other hand, she love traveling, and the chance to visit places she have never seen before --- her trip to the U.S. last October to promote the book was her first ever, and she fell in love with New York and San Francisco --- is absolutely wonderful.

    4 the truth of the matter is that even if writing is now her full-time profession, it is also her greatest pleasure.

    5she most admire E. Nesbit, Paul Gallico and C.S.Lewis. My favourite book as a child was THE LsheTTLE WHsheTE HORSE by Elizabeth Goudge.

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    誰知道答案是什麼阿~? = ="

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