目前我在一家做LED DISPLAY的公司工作,所擔任的是業務員,工作內容為接國內訂單,與處理客戶產品問題及報價等.由於完全接觸不到英文,使我有想要更換工作的念頭,我很喜歡從事國際貿易的工作,所以我在唸書時,主修了國際貿易,先前也有一些貿易公司的工作經驗,希望明年,我可以找到可以接觸英文的工作,因為有興趣的工作才能做的長久.






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    I was born in sum forever, the English name is vicky, 28 years old this year, there are six people in my family, there are parents that have three elder brothers not very lovely, but what the elder brother is engaged in is business, the reason not liking the elder brother very much is, they have liked bullying me since childhood, for example like asking me to help them to write the homework and wash the clothes.

    About my parents, they retire at home at present, though my family is not very rich, really feel and make my psychology warm, I think this is compared with talking more valuable richly.

    And then mention my individual character, I piece good to get along and have girl of scheming, I a happy one that I have much good friends most, when I am tired of brains, their always willing appropriate my audience, this point is my thing worthy to be most proud.

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    I work in a company that makes LED DISPLAY at present, what was served as is a business personnel , the working content , in order to receive the domestic order, with deal with customer's products problem and offering ,etc..

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    Because can not totally contact English , make me want to change the thought of the work, I like the work engaged in international trade very much, so I have majored in international trade while studying, have some working experience of trading company too before, hope next year,

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    I can is it can contact English work to find, what the work that interesting could be done is for a long time . Mention my interest again, I like the outdoor sports, for example travel sum swimming..

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    The activity like that, can let me solve while pressing to get back to the work position again , will dash further. I am very happy now studies English once again ,

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    I believe that under the instruction of peter teacher , my English is sure to be better and better, in addition, I like English of the commercial respect, I believe under this motive force, I will be progressive and very fast.

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    Hope peter Mr. give up me like enthusiastic to teach me whether I heart felt grateful to report is it learn to go too too. Thanks!

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