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請幫我翻譯英文!! 請幫我翻譯英文!!

1. Alternative

Something available in place of another.

2. Anemia

A blood disorder characterized by a deficiency in the number of red blood cells.

3. Calcium

A mineral essential for building and maintaining strong healthy bones and teeth.

4. Dairy product

Food/drink made from milk or milk products.

5. Fatty acid

A main component of fat.

6. Folic acid

A vitamin in the B12 complex that is essential for cell growth and reproduction in the human body.

7. Intake

the amount of food or drink ingested.

8. Lean in content

Containing little or on fat as in meat with the fat trimmed off.

9. Macular degeneration

A condition affecting central eye sight that can be caused by a lack of folic acid in the diet.

10. Neural tube defect

A congenital malformation involving an abnormality in the brain or spinal column caused by complications occurring during the development of an embryo.

45. Vaccine

Substance designed to cause a mild form of a disease to make a person immune to the disease itself.

48. Caregiver

Someone who looks after a person who is ill.

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    1. (可)替代的


    2. 貧血


    3. 鈣


    4. 乳製品


    5. 脂肪酸


    6. 葉酸(維生素B)

    一種在維他命B12群中人體不可或缺 , 用以復原和細胞發育的要素

    7. 吸收


    8. 無脂(瘦肉)

    僅含有少量 , 或減量脂肪的肉類

    9. 中樞神經缺陷


    45. 牛痘疫苗


    48. 看護


    PS. 抱歉我對病理食物學等方面並不特別專精 , 所以翻譯名詞若有不當之處

    還請懂此道者加以指教 , 謝謝

    2006-09-19 21:37:52 補充:

    阿阿~抱歉*第九條中樞神經跳了一題 , 其實它是第10題原先第九題翻譯為 9. 退化性斑點(這...這是指老人斑嗎?)當飲食中缺乏葉酸時所影響中央視神經造成的一種狀況

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