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    第一段:Some day, the gross profit will spy the office to receive in the well-known living theatre actress herd tree's request. The request content is in the herd tree receives strange robber Kyd to give advance notice the letter, in the letter will refer to strange robber Kyd to capture the sapphire ring in the stage which in the herd tree will wear - “the destiny gem”.

    第二段:Therefore the gross profit young five court attendants will accept the protection gem the work, the basis gross profit young five court attendant's inference, Kyd last day come in the performance to steal this non-price the gem. In the performance last day, south the gross profit young five court attendants, the small orchid and the tan oak are invited the ornamental living theatre, in theater in intriguing crowd, who can Kyd disguise as to appear in front of everybody? Waits for in the intense ambush, appears in front of everybody is unexpectedly the labor cane new one!?

    第三段:South on the one hand the tan oak must protect the gem, on the other hand cannot see through the labor cane which Kyd disguises as newly one, because sees through Kyd to be equal to publicizes secret which own body reduces. South the tan oak has to stare at the tight vacation labor cane new one, a quarter all cannot be lax. Before on soon ends in the living theatre, as soon as south the tan oak discovers the false labor cane newly to disappear, overtakes immediately, but chaotic in came in one piece is actually lets Kyd escape.

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    第四段:“The destiny gem” eventually was protects, in the herd tree in order to express thanks, the invitation gross profit spy went to the Hokkaido hakodate the villa to take vacation,

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    the colleague also had the together performance other actors. On all makes contact with the airplane in everybody to go to the hakodate in the engine room, a careful design murder play (接上)

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