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Best R&B Male vocalist that is underated?

Alexander O'Neal, Will Downing, Howard Hewitt, Keith Washington, Tony Terry are all examples of great R&B singers that never got the recognition as Luther, Barry White, Freddie Jackson, etc. Who do you think is also underated, and should be a household name? What can we do to get younger people to appreciate true talent like these people, instead of worthless rappers, and "formula" songs?

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    I think Donell Jones, Glenn Lewis and Jon B are good R&B singer that are underated.

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    Right now, I reckon Amp Fiddler needs more recognition. He's all soul/RnB/funk and worthy of so much love!

    Not all rappers are worthless. Not by a long shot.

    Let the kids like what they want, it's the only way to discover more music and enjoy it. Can't nobody tell you what to listen to when you're a teen.

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    Eric Benet and a whole bunch more.

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    yeah donnel jones, mos def

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