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How do you republicans explain that Colin Powell decided to resign from the Bush Administration?

Colin Powell and three other cabinet members actually. Powell couldn't stand having to preach anymore of the b.s. that was put in front of him on paper by the Bush Administration. After all, Bush never listened to his advice (such as to ask the UN before invading Iraq).

Care to argue? and make a good and relevant arguement to avoid making yourself sound pathetic. i cannot stress that enough.


and get real! don't even try to say that the washington post (WASHINGTON D.C) post is biased and left-wing.

Update 2:

of course it's not recent news. but i haven't been doing yahoo answers for too long lol and i want to see what people think.

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    Powell was "forced" out of office. Why? Because he disagreed with Cheney and Rumsfeldt too much. He fought with them regularly. And then when the administration hung him out to dry at the United Nations when he went there to plead for something he did not agree with (Iraq) by having him tell the "lies" that were told to the people of this country to get them a free pass to invade Iraq.

    Powell is one of the few Republicans I respect and would vote for if he ran for President. Why won't GW & Co. blast him in the press? Fear of losing the black vote. That is sad. If Powell were so wrong about all of them in the white house right now, don't you think that the administration would tell everyone why he was wrong? They are covering their asses from the truth.

    Go Powell!!

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    The Washington Post? Hmmm. Ok I won't say it. LOL Still, as usual it's information from that all important "anonymous source". The ones that feel so strongly about an issue they refuse to give their name. Still Powell is more moderate in foreign policy than Bush. There's a shocker.

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    Colin Powell has earned people's respect. Even republicans can't find anything on him. If he hadn't served in the military, they'd probably be saying that he became a coward liberal.

    He did the right thing. I believe his resignation was a big blow to the united front the conservatives want everyone to believe.

    And we're finally seeing some of them coming to their senses....

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    Colin believed in what he was doing in the Gulf War..a true hero to all Americans. I think the invasion of Iraq was the final straw in a long series of gross international law violations and corruption on the part of the Bush administration. He decided to distance himself and wisely so.

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    no, it is very possible that he would beleive that another person could do a better job than him, many cabinet members often change for all presidents.

    And if a person can not agree with the policies , they need to resign, too many work against the president ( like many democrats in congress) and then nothing get done and alot more harm is done.

    People do need to put thier political party behind them and do what is best for thier government

    So yes, they needed to resign, not because it was BS, but merely because they did not agree.

    Or of course it could be that he was thinking about leaving and making alot more money doing speaking tours where he did not have to report all of that income. But hey that is just a wild idea

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    watch this video

    if you were on the administration and were aware of these things... would u lie to your country, knowing the government and yourself are hiding lies, killing their own americans all to push a political agenda forward to make $ through war and oil!!!

    watch this and figure it out

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    That's old news. Happened in 2004. I know its hard for you libs to live in the real world of today but at lest try now and then. Your losing your grip on reality.

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