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Where do unidentified dead bodies end up or go?


In terms of Forensic Science and The Police

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    They go to the State Anatomy Board. If no one ID's them or claims them within 72 hours, they are considered property of the state and they are used for medical research. When the research is over, the body is cremated and buried in a common grave with people of similar demises. Hope this helps!

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    Unidentified bodies used to be placed in unmarked graves, often in common graves, in the pauper's section of a graveyard. How long bodies are kept before burial or disposal varies from one jurisdiction to another. Not sure if they are ever cremated, or if they are still all buried.

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    The local medical college receives bodies from prisons and unidentified bodies for medical research for the students to use for pretend surgery.

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    Most of the time they will be buried in a numbered grave, in case any info comes up that could identify them later.

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