defination of swaying,surging yawing,heaving,pitching and rolling?

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    swaying----easy back and forth movement

    surging---- an engine characteristic with sudden thrusts, or a sudden rush of water. There could also be a sudden electrical surge, a burst of energy

    yawing----a continual back and forth veering off course, irregular , unsteady steering motion

    heaving----to cause to rise and fall repeatedly(or could be getting sea sick)

    pitching----fore and aft motion, to to rise and fall alternately bow and stern.

    rolling---side to side motion , swaying from side to side

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    Define Swaying

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    These are the six degrees of freedom a ship has. Sway is side to side ( X-axis) motion of a ship, surging is the fore and aft motion, yawing is the change in ships heading side to side, heaving is the vertical up and down motion, pitching is the up and down motion of the vessel on a (Y-axis) about the center point of a ship, and rolling is a side to side motion of a ship about its horizontal fore andaft center line

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