Rachael Rays First Show?

Did anyone watch Rachael Ray's first day on her talk show? If you did, what did you think about it?

I was nervous for the show because I'm a big fan and I thought it would be a little cheesy. I was pleasantly surprised, it turned out great :)


For those hating on Rachael Ray -

You are totally open to voice your opinions about her. However, when you yell at others for commenting about her, or saying you don't have time for "mindless" tv - think about what you're doing - taking time from your "busy" life to comment online. That's not much better than what you're yelling at others for :)

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    I thought she did a good job. I could tell she was a little nervous, but who wouldn't be. She is so cute and lively how could you not like her. I think as it goes along she will calm down and all will be fine. Her audience will never go hungry. lol. I like some of the things she is doing like helping people with their fears and I'm glad she has a cooking section. I also liked the shopping list idea so you can actually cook what she does the same day. All in all I feel like it was a success.

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    1 decade ago

    Please don't judge so quickly. Many classic shows were not hits until the third or fourth season. I hope the network will give Rachael and the production team an opportunity to mature and build viewership.

    I enjoy Rachael Ray's bubbling personality and positive attitude. Her past cooking shows have been a delight to view by the whole family (even the repeats) and are a great example of QUALITY PROGRAMMING. After seeing her first talk show, I am happy to report that her quality and personality continue to delight and entertain our family.

    Her first two guests were top quality and very interesting. In her enthusiasm, she does talk quickly. But it appears that she is being herself and I hope her genuine quality will carry her through your negative comments. Check back on the show so you can see the improvements as they happen. You may change your opinion and become a fan.

    The grocery list followed the next day with a recipe and preparation is a great idea. Also the show offers a website to get further information.

    If this show isn't continued, it is a terrible loss for DECENT, QUALITY Television Programming.

    Rachael -- You GO, GIRL!!! I love ya!

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    5 years ago

    I love Rachael Ray, but I think the show could use some work. I understand it's her first talk show, and the nerves that go along with a new experience. However, she's coming across as an ADD kid on a very large caffeine trip. A few deep breathes and practice will make her show great.

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    1 decade ago

    I'm a big RR fan & have watched both of the new shows so far, and loved them! I thought Rach was a bit nervous, but who wouldn't be when hosting a show with a live audience for the first time! I love the rotating audience & the "apartment" set. As to some folks' implications that there wasn't much substance to the issues discussed on the show - who cares? Don't get me wrong - I do care about the serious issues surrounding all of us, but I deal with enough stress & heaviness watching the news & other shows, not to mention just getting through a typical day. Yeah, maybe it would be good for Rachael to take on some serious topics here and there, maybe starting with Hurricane Katrina Relief, or the importance of family & staying involved in our kids' lives - causes she's already quite involved in. However, what I look to her shows for most is fun & laughter - a way to unwind from the day & maybe even learn something in the process (or maybe, just maybe, muster up the courage to finally try anchovies)...we all need to take a break from the stress in our lives, kinda like hanging out with friends! So Rach, keep on laughing & whacking that garlic!

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  • 1 decade ago

    I saw the first show and Rachael Ray was cute and bubbly. I think this show will be a winner. Great set (rotating), and use of technology (live questions from viewers). I saw critics say she looked nervous (who wouldn't be nervous the first day with a totally new format) besides Rachael Ray's claim to fame is that she's the girl next door, not some slick talking head.

    Congratulations to Rachael Ray in a great first day. Plus only a winner can get Oprah as a first day guest.

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    Love Rachael Ray, whether she will be able to handle this talk/food show, remains to be seen. She is high energy, one raw nerve of passion, love and excitement. If she pulls back a little, the show may work. She has too many things going. Too many rooms, too many things to think about. The set is awesome, but is the public ready for an epic every single day. She is great and just might pull it off. She's loving and endearing. I heard her today, whispering in Oprah's ear, you made this all possible, Oprah whispered back, no, you did! I thought that was a sweet moment. Oprah is a giver and is known for her great work and philanthropical ideals. Will Rachael Ray make this show work? Yes, I think she will with a little smoothing out and laying back just a bit. She has to bring the audience into the show more. Rosie was the best and still is at that. If you have an audience, they expect to be heard and not just seen. Much love to Rachael and many successes.

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    I did watch it (the first show) but didnt catch it today (the second show).

    I thought it was fun and not any worse than other daytime talk shows. Her outfit was fine, and I laugh at the 'fashion critics' on here for being so negative!

    And yes, I'm sure she was nervous but I didnt think she was THAT nervous. She is bubbly, friendly, and talks fast...its who she is! Plus its pretty endearing...reminds me of some very outgoing Italian families I've had dinner with...its always a riot, a ton of laughs, and you never know what topic will come up next!

    But on the topics of the show...I was a little bit bored during the middle. I really wish she'd work more cooking into the mix because thats the fun stuff! She went skydiving with one viewer but that segment was only so-so.

    Another critique...the recipes have alot of ingredients so they can be hard to make on your own. After the first show I went onto the website to get the ingredients for the next show...there were SO many that I just said no way. Some simpler, more basic recipes would be nice and I'd gladly cook at home with Rachael.

    Overall I thought it was pretty entertaining...didnt know much about Rachael Ray before seeing the show, but I liked her and will watch the show again in the future! :)

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    I watched the end of yesterdays show and all of todays show. Rachael is such an energetic person, but she moves too fast for me. I would like her to slow down some and "embellish" her segments. She also does cut people off ( I have this problem as well) and needs to be a little better "hostess" to her guests. I hope she is just nervous and will have the kinks ironed out soon. I have to believe that if Oprah is backing her she has what it takes to make it in the Talk Show Business. I love the set! It is quite unique. Good Luck to Rachael and her staff!

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    I'm a guy. I'd be lying if I said that I didn't like Rachael Ray - She's cute! (especially the FHM photos) =)

    Anyway, I didn't know that she had a new show. What exactly qualifies her to be a talk show host? Can I be one, too?

    Really, it's not exactly like a music group crossing over from Christian Rock to mainstream Rock music. She's a cook! That's what she has talent for.

    She never struck me as a "Talk Show" type. I guess with some coaching, which I am sure that she is getting, she might have a snowball's chance in hell, but I wouldn't be surprised if it gets canned.

    Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't wish bad upon anyone. I just don't see it working. Moreover, I feel sorry for the investors. One slick person really sold them on this one...

    BTW, is it a 30 minute talk show? LOL

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    I am a huge 30 minute meal fan / Rachael Ray's Tasty Travels / 40 dollars a day, but I couldn't even finish watching this show. Rachael tries way to hard and borders on annoying. I am hoping she settles down and taps into her natural charm.

  • 1 decade ago

    It was good, but nothing better than the 2nd show with Oprah. Rachael is so fast, she makes me tired just watching and listening to her. I like the fact that she does let the audience participate is some of the questions and answers. I wonder if she will have enough material to fill the whole hour everyday. It seems this show could be maybe just a few days a week, but time will tell. I'm excited to see how she will use the whole set to her advantage. The show will make it thru the holidays with no problems. I would really like to get tickets to the show, if someone cant make it, just send me your tickets, and I will gladly take your place.

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