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how restore my desktop?

My computer had got a lot of viruses and one of the virus had taken away my desktop. When I went to the control panel to redo my desktop appearance it is not there, And also when i go online a spyware has made it self my home page how do i recover?

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    IF you are using Windows XP, you might (and I stress "might") be able to start your computer in safe mode and use System Restore. (

    You will also want to run a full virus scan. I STRONGLY recommend you purchase a boxed version of McAfee, Norton or other reputable anti-virus software from a local computer store (Best Buy, CompUSA, or even K-Mart, Target, Wal-Mart, Staples, Office Depot, Office MAX). You will get a CD-ROM disk that you can boot from (if your system is setup to boot from CD - see your owner's manual or contact customer support if needed). This CD will start the computer in a "clean" environment and clean most, if not all of the viruses on the system.

    I also recommend having at least 2 anti-spy-ware programs installed and used regularly. These are almost always free. Norton usually includes spy-ware defense with its boxed product. I recommend Ad-Aware ( and Spybot Search & Destroy ( and CA's Pest Patrol (

    You can also get FREE on-line scanning from McAfee (, CA ( Symantec ( and F-Secure (

    A LOT of the viruses, worms, spy-ware, ad-ware, and malware do everything to prevent access to these sites - that's why I so strongly recommend a boxed product that you can install from a CD-ROM. The only real PROBLEM with this is that some operating system (OS) files may be infected and removed, making it impossible for your system to boot back up correctly. This can be fixed by using the "Repair" feature of your operating system installation process (you may need to contact customer support for this.)

    If your computer has been massively infested with malware and viruses, a complete reformatting may be required. This is the LAST RESORT option as far as I'm concerned. Geek has information about their services. They provide advanced anti-virus/anti-spyware removal and repair - but you'll pay for it (about $250 and up). I only charge $75 for the service myself, so there may be some qualified technicians in your are who can give you a better price on the same service.

    REMEMBER: Reformatting and reinstalling the operating system is the LAST RESORT: You will lose EVERYTHING ON YOUR COMPUTER (photos, emails, documents, bookmarks).

    Most of all, be patient, and be open to learning through this process. What you learn from this will allow you to help others in the future!

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    1. Format your computer and reload Windows

    2. Use a decent antivirus

    3. Stop downloading junk from other websites. That's how you got the virus to begin with.

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    You might try doing a total reformat of your system. Some cases it is the only way to get rid of nasty spyware.

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    Delete all button for yahoo mail

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    sorry to say but seems you will have to format you system...

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