what is the best choice for a reasonable formal male siut?!?

please don't tell me ARMANI, VALENTINO, or even GUY LAROCHE...

i need a good brand at an affordable price!

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    Try department stores like JCPenney. Men's Warehouse is also great, and if you catch them at the right time, they have $99 sales where most every suit in the store is only $99. Also try Jos Banks, they have pretty good prices on their clothing.




    Some other stores:






    Don't worry about brand or label, just go shopping to find what is in your price range. Then talk to the sales clerks about what they recommend for a quality suit. If your choice and theirs are the same, then it's probably a good buy.

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    Don't be fooled by designer labels-not everyone looks good in every brand. Men's Wearhouse or K&B are great choices. Sears has changed dramatically in the last few years and have great sales all the time. If you can wait a couple of weeks---Columbus Day weekend (and President's Day in Feb.) are the ABSOLUTE BEST times to clothes shop anywhere in the country. End of season & inventory changes make for 60-75% off sales. Try on alot of suits at a Macy's to know your style. Oh yeah, if you can only get one suit, go for Navy blue.

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    I doubt that one can find a true formal men's suit very cheap. Do you want evening or daytime formal? There once was afternnon formal too, but it disappeared in the 1920's. For evenings, a tailcoat and matching trousers are worn with white bowtie, waistcoat and wing collar shirt with studs and cufflinks. On the feet are patent pumps with silk bows. On the head is a silk tophat or opera hat. One may wear white gloves. For daytime, the cutaway coat or morning coat is worn. Pants are striped or match the coat. An ascot is worn usually. The waistcoat may be pale grey. Patent oxfords and felt tophat are worn. I bought mine at Brooks Brothers, but that's not cheap. If you're really on a tight budget, look in vintage clothing stores. The stores other answerers mention may not carry formal wear. They may have less formal dinner jackets, aka tuxedos, however.

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    What do you consider affordable? The Mens Wearhouse makes good suits, and Botany 500 is a good brand at a reasonable price. If you want a better quality suit and are willing to wait for them to go on sale, check out your local Macy's or Dillard's or Saks Fifth Avenue and look for Hart Schafner & Marx. They retail for $600.00 to $700.00, but I've been able to get them on sale for as low as $250.00. I like them because they look nice, the wool feels nice (not scratchy) and they keep their press well.

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    go to, like, the men's wearhouse. do you have those? get a classic looking suit. don't get anything ridiculous. dark colors. i personally don't like double-breasted.

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    Men's wearhouse. All the men in my family swear by it.

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    you can get good suits from your local chaity shop

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