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剝香蕉 的英文怎講?

是peel off the banana?

還是 peel the banana?

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    ] vt. (及物動詞 transitive verb)削去...的皮,剝去...的殼;替...削(或剝)...[O1]His job was to peel potatoes.他的工作是削馬鈴薯皮。剝,去(皮,殼等)[O]The Indians peeled the bark from trees to make canoes.印第安人從樹上剝下樹皮做皮舟。【口】脫(衣服)He peeled off his heavy sweater.他脫去了他的厚毛衣。vi. (不及物動詞 intransitive verb)剝落;脫落;脫皮The paint is peeling off the wall.油漆從牆上剝落下來。【口】脫去衣服It got hotter, the boys peeled to get relief.天氣越來越熱,男孩子們脫去衣服涼快涼快。n. (名詞 noun)(水果,蔬菜等的)皮;(對蝦等的)殼[U]She threw the banana peel into the trash can.她將香蕉皮扔進垃圾筒。

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    答案是 to peel a banana

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