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Is Muslim "Poki's" threats the typical means of persuasion for a Muslim.?

Poki, by the way, I say to Muslims what I say in here...Im serious. They dont want any. Never.

Actually Poki, I was suprised at first. To be straight with you, I expected Muslims to be very brash and try to kick my butt. Time and time again, they get furious, but run away.

Heres what I realized, and if you dont agree Poki, then type in here "I swear to Allah I believe your wrong" >>> I realized that Muslims are the most cowardly of any religious or idealogical community. Its when they are in sizable numbers when they get loud and very boastful.

As I say Poki, I expected the opposite, but I learned something from these experiences. People confuse the suicide bomber with "courage". thats not the case at all. Watch the interviews PBS did with failed suicide bombers and captured recruiters. 99% of the time, they are kids who are told "press the button, you feel nothing, and then the virgins await you".

Actually, they probably dont feel that much is true.


Islam is a brainwashing cult. I challenge anyone to show me any cult with a better mechanism of brainwashing than Islam.

Islamic culture produces the highest illiteracy in the world. So you first have an ignorant child, then you saturate his life with ritual...daily...and deny him exposure to other view points.

Then you convince him that the only certain way to paradise, is murder for Allah (Surah 4) and, best of all, theres a totally painless way to do it! Like pressing the button on an elevator!

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    Your public ranting does you no good.

    Keep going Poki and don't stop saying what's on your mind. If we do this for Allah, then our reward is with Him.


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    I dont think so, because most people who claim to be Muslim dont respond in his manner (and I have proof)...though he is by no means the only "Muslim" who acts like this (I also have proof).

    And BTW Suicide bombers are cowardly...they cannot face life or reality so they blow themselves along with everyone around em.

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    Huh? Not sure what you are saying dude, but I do agree that the suicide murderers don't feel much of the impact, but I believe they will be surprised to find themselves in Hell.

    There are way too many tense people out there.

    Seriously, can't we build bridges instead of walls?

    Poki, how can I contact you? I am interested in starting a meaningful dialogue with someone of your faith.

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    So full of hate for something you do not understand, this is no way to live. See how you have lost control, your anger and hatred have possesed you. Anger ony incites others to anger, if you were seeking the truth you would not feel this hate.

    "Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one getting burned"

    - Buddha -

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    Why are you criticizing all Muslims because you don't like what someone said?? what good would it do to be ignorant towards you?? to say things unbecoming of a good person..that's not what we are about.. there's not much point in trying to defend i won't bother..everyone is entitled to their own opinion

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    My dear friend!

    I face your anger with love !!!, jesus said

    I am a muslim...though i reject violence! islam rejects violence!

    Islam says who ever kills himself will go instantly to HELL....for killing others and for killing himself!!!((......i dont know where did u get this crap from!!...check for things before you say so))

    Actually before you attack you should read... about islam....from muslims ...not from fanatics.....

    ISLAM is not terrorism!!! is submission to god.....and god ORDERS Protect NON MUSLIMS........and i will protect you..if it comes so far!!!......

    Peace be upon you !!

    PS...You asked for a challenge and you got it......muslims arent cowards!!!.......we just face insult with forgiveness....just as YOUR JESUS SAID!!! i right!!!

    anyway you are my brother ....and please read about true i read about christianity!

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    hahaha what ever!! did i get to you? sorry pal dont be too scared.

    it's all good pal, but dont think that ALL muslims are those few people you met.

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