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Anna Nicole Smiths son's death have you heard about it?

I feel terrible for her she must feel horrible he was her everything. Can you imagine losing a child? .But then again theres karma ,maybe her playboy days ,flashing and porn .is coming back to her.,her son must have been so embaressed

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    It is a terrible tragedy, he was just 20 years old - and the irony involved - Nicole's son went there to visit Nicole and his new baby sister - and nobody knows, at this point, what happened - his death is a mystery. I can't even begin to imagine the pain and grief that Nicole must be going through - to lose a child at anytime is a great tragedy .... but to lose a child, just after the birth of another!

    I don't know about karma - should Nicole's karma be visited upon her son? It's hard to say how her son felt about Nicole's exploits and it's not for us to judge - but they lived a celebrity lifestyle - and that's a very different world from the one we know. And who's to say that Nicole was not a good mother; her lifestyle and crazy antics doesn't preclude that.

    I thought you might be interested so I did a little research on Daniel's death, and this is the latest news:

    A second autopsy was performed on Anna Nicole Smith's son. Cyril Wecht, a forensic pathologist from Pittsburgh who has consulted in high-profile cases, including he death of JonBenet Ramsey, was hired on behalf of Anna Nicole Smith to conduct the second autopsy. This autopsy is scheduled for Sunday to confirm or look for something that may have been overlooked in the autopsy by the coroner's office.

    The former playboy playmate found her 20-year-old son Daniel Wayne Smith unresponsive in her hospital room on Sept. 10, three days after she gave birth to a daughter. She called for help but doctors were unable to revive him.

    An official autopsy was conducted at the coroner's office Tuesday, and a toxicology test to confirm the results is expected to completed next week.

    The Bahamas coroner's office has termed Daniel Smith's death "suspicious" and Police opened an investigation because the cause of death was not immediately clear, but authorities have said they did not find anything in Anna Nichole Smith's room to suggest a crime had been committed or evidence of drugs. It is not a criminal investigation.

    Smith came to the island chain during her pregnancy to avoid media scrutiny. Police believe Daniel Smith arrived in the Bahamas on Sept. 9 and went directly to Doctors Hospital, a private facility in downtown Nassau. He spent the night in a room with his mother and one of her attorneys, Howard K. Stern, and was seen tending to his mother and newborn half-sister. On the morning of Sept. 10, the 38-year-old TV star noticed her son had stopped breathing and called for help. Hospital staff unsuccessfully tried CPR and other measures to revive him.

    When police arrived, the body was on one of the two beds in a room packed with doctors, other hospital staff, Anna Nicole Smith and Stern. Daniel Smith was the son of Anna Nicole and Bill Smith, who married in 1985 and divorced two years later. The son had small roles in her movies " Skyscraper" and "To the Limit." He also appeared several times on the E! reality series "The Anna Nicole Show."

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    An autopsy was performed Monday. On Tuesday, Her Majesty's Coroner Linda P. Virgill said that based on preliminary findings, "the cause of death is not natural." But, she said, "we wish to reserve [announcing] the cause of death at this time," adding that a toxicology results and a full autopsy report will be released by the end of the week.

    Virgill said an inquest will take place afterward and her staff will interview all "relevant witnesses," including Anna Nicole Smith, hospital workers and flight attendants, to develop an official timeline.

    The coroner's statements came in the wake of a story in the Nassau Guardian that Daniel Smith suffered a "massive heart attack" and that antidepressants had been found in his system. The newspaper said that Daniel was seen "vomiting uncontrollably" shortly before his death

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    I don't think karma has anything to do with her son dying, he wasn't the porn star. And even if he was I don't think its a good enough reason for someone to be punished, lots of people do it. Yes maybe he was embarrassed by the things she did but at the end of the day she was still his mum, and he looked like he was very close to her. Just because she gets naked to make money it doesn't mean she's a bad mother.

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    those photos appear as if a doting mom who replace into happy with and enjoyed her son very lots. thinking she raised him via herself, they likely stepped forward a deep friendship as properly as a mom/son relationship. i'm going to work out Anna Nicole being greater of a pal than a be sure. I heavily doubt Daniel is the daddy of the child. i think of of the daddy is the two the guy who's call is on the transport certificates or the numerous gentleman who's suing to have the paternity attempt executed. that throughout itself is amazingly unusual with the aid of making use of fact optimal men run like hell on a similar time as they are suspected or accused of fathering an out of wedlock new newborn (do now no longer choose for to pay the teen suport and be to blame).

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    It was very very sad, but I'm sure growing up with her was shall we say " predictable" Growing up with an addictive parent can be traumatic and I'm sure her behavior was all on drugs. I know this because I was addicted to heroin, and people told me "You did such and such last night" and I simply wouldn't believe it. Addiction is a horrible disease like alcoholism' It

    was classified as a disease in 1974 ( research American Medical Association) She was on Oxycontin and Dilaudid. Both exactly like Heroin which was actually sold over the counter until 1919, made by Bayer which was thought to be less addictive than morphine. Very sad. Look up Heroin in Wikipedia. But she doesn't deserve karma like that. God bless you . BTW I have been clean for 6 years.

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    He died while visiting his mom in the hospital ...

    Celebrity Coroner Wechsler was called to do a 2nd autopsy on the celebrity"s son and said that there appears to be no foul play.....I heard that her Attorney"howard Stern" of all names is being questioned .....

    She's gone through a lot ....

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    Everyone has unless they've been locked up in a cave. I think this is the worse loss a person can have. I am praying for her daily. I hear she's not doing well.

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    The two of them were very close. He wasn't embarrassed by her. If anything, he was very protective of his mother. It's too bad Anna's newborn daughter won't be able to grow up with her big brother around.

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    Are you serious? What rock have you been sleeping under. I would be surprise who didn't know. What does what she did in her life have to do with her son death? (rolling of the eyes)

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    Don't disrespect the dead! And no one DESERVES to lose a child. Death isn't "you get what you deserve". And if it were, her son wouldn't have to pay for his mother's mistakes.

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