how do u say 'I hate' in spanish?

isnt it 'Me Choco' ?

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    to hate = odiar

    so I hate = yo odio

    Me choca is an expression used in Colombia to say that you dislike/hate something. I don't know if it is used in other Spanish speaking countries

    ie: Me chocan las mentiras = I hate lies.

    You conjugate it as the verb gustar.

    Direct Object + me/te/nos/les choca(n) + (Direct Object)

    You can choose where to place the direct object.

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    Hate In Spanish

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    At least in Mexican Spanish. "Me choca" can also mean "I hate". Choca being a synonym of hate or dislike

    Me choca Yahoo Answers = I hate Yahoo Answers.

    Is a slang term, not something formal.

    Again, is Mexican Spanish, I don't know if it's used the same in other countries. But that's probably why you got the idea.

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  • 5 years ago

    In correct Spanish it's odio(hate), odiar(to hate). Odio los gatos= I hate cats, (Kittens would be gatitos or gaticos). Chocar means crash, hit or bump. "Me choca" must be slang in certain countries only, although I've heard it used for "I was shocked" in Spanglish. Me choco' lo que dijo su novio, (I was shocked by what your boyfriend said).

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    The direct or textual translation is: " Yo odio" (You usually don't use it in that form)

    Practical uses:

    I hate you. = Te odio.

    I hate the beach. = No me gusta la playa.

    I hate broccoli. = No me gusta el brócoli.

    About "me choca" (it's not "me choco")

    It's a mexican slang:

    I hate his attitude. = Me choca su actitud.

    I hate that girl. = Me choca esa chica.

    Hope it helps!!

  • 1 decade ago

    i hate= odio.....

    yo odio...

    Odio la comida rápida= i hate the fast food.

    Te odio= i hate you

    odio mi clase de francés= i hate my french class.

    me choca= it's mexican slang to say something really bothers you, that is annoying, that u don't like...

    Su actitud me choca= he's attitude bothers me..

    esta comida me choca= to express that you don't like that food at all..

    ese maestro me choca= that teacher is annoying, i don't like him...

    Source(s): from Mexico
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    I hate is "yo odio"..... but that is a very strong word in spanish....... it's not like the carefree "I hate salad" or "I hate the beach" that you use in the english language....... "odio" is a very strong word

  • 1 decade ago

    it is "yo odio", but people just say "odio" (which just means "hate"), but in spanish the person is like implicit, for example:

    odio el clima = i hate the weather

    yo odio los gatos = i hate kittens

    plus, about the "me choco" thing maybe you wanted to say "me choca" which can also apply for hate but it means more like "i don't like" for example:

    me choca mi nariz = i don't like my nose


    hope i helped

  • 1 decade ago

    Nope. Odio is hate. I hate is "yo odio" or just "odio"..I don't know what "me choco" means.

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