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Does anyone believe that the 9/11 terror attacks were part of a conspiracy by the gov. and CIA?

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    It's pretty hard to believe, but there are odd things about it . So I can see how a conspiracy theory may have come about. People didn't pick it out of thin air. It's just that a lot of things weren't made public and it makes one wonder why. Please take time to read this:

    George W. Bush's brother was on the board of directors of a company providing electronic security for the World Trade Center, Dulles International Airport and United Airlines, according to public records. The company was backed by an investment firm, the Kuwait-American Corp., also linked for years to the Bush family.

    The security company, formerly named Securacom and now named Stratesec, is in Sterling, Va.. Its CEO, Barry McDaniel, said the company had a ``completion contract" to handle some of the security at the World Trade Center ``up to the day the buildings fell down."

    It also had a three-year contract to maintain electronic security systems at Dulles Airport, according to a Dulles contracting official. Securacom/Stratesec also handled some security for United Airlines in the 1990s, according to McDaniel, but it had been completed before his arriving on the board in 1998.

    McDaniel confirmed that the company has security contracts with the Department of Defense, including the U.S. Army, but did not detail the nature of the work, citing security concerns. It has an ongoing line with the General Services Administration - meaning that its bids for contracts are noncompetitive - and also did security work for the Los Alamos laboratory before 1998.

    Marvin P. Bush, the president's youngest brother, was a director at Stratesec from 1993 to fiscal year 2000. But the White House has not publicly disclosed Bush connections in any of its responses to 9/11, nor has it mentioned that another Bush-linked business had done security work for the facilities attacked.

    Marvin Bush joined Securacom when it was capitalized by the Kuwait-American Corporation, a private investment firm in D.C. that was the security company's major investor, sometimes holding a controlling interest. Marvin Bush has not responded to telephone calls and e-mails for comment.

    KuwAm has been linked to the Bush family financially since the Gulf War. One of its principals and a member of the Kuwaiti royal family, Mishal Yousef Saud al Sabah, served on the board of Stratesec.

    The managing director at KuwAm, Wirt D. Walker III, was also a principal at Stratesec, and Walker, Marvin Bush and al Sabah are listed in SEC filings as significant shareholders in both companies during that period.

    Marvin Bush's last year on the board at Stratesec coincided with his first year on the board of HCC Insurance, formerly Houston Casualty Co., one of the insurance carriers for the WTC. He left the HCC board in November 2002.

    But none of these connections has been looked at during the extensive investigations since 9/11. McDaniel says principals and other personnel at Stratesec have not been questioned or debriefed by the FBI or other investigators. Walker declined to answer the same question regarding KuwAm, referring to the public record.

    Walker is also chairman and CEO of Aviation General, a Tulsa, Okla.-based aviation company with two subsidiaries. SEC filings also show al Sabah as a principal and shareholder in Aviation General, which was recently delisted by the Nasdaq. Stratesec was delisted by the American Stock Exchange in October 2002.

    The suite in which Marvin Bush was annually re-elected, according to public records, is located in the Watergate in space leased to the Saudi government. The company now holds shareholder meetings in space leased by the Kuwaiti government there. The White House has not responded to various requests for comment.

    Speaking of the Watergate, Riggs National Bank, where Saudi Princess Al-Faisal had her ``Saudi money trail" bank account, has as one of its executives Jonathan Bush, an uncle of the president. The public has not learned whether Riggs - which services 95 percent of Washington's foreign embassies - will be turning over records relating to Saudi finance.

    Meanwhile, Bush has nominated William H. Donaldson to head the Securities and Exchange Commission. Donaldson, a longtime Bush family friend, was a Yale classmate of Jonathan Bush.

    On the very day of the tragic space shuttle crash, the government appointed an independent investigative panel, and rightly so. Why didn't it do the same on Sept. 12, 2001?

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    There is a site called An Ill Wind Blew Clinton to Australia explaining many key democrat players were absent around the 9/11 time frame. It's a neat read actually as it's not a *bash this person* unlike most 9/11 *truth* sites that often have corrupt agendas of their own within.

    I found in a aviation forum from reading old posts that before 9/11 mysterious things were happening at airports like the FAA closed down all the outdoor observation lounges with notices on doors citing *security reasons*. That is one of many weird things.

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    Of course it was but youll never make the sheeples research it enough to get to the truth.Governments count on the stupidity of the masses to achieve the agenda,and mostly it works

    Why you believe what you believe

    Experts on the human mind say that humans are convinced to believe things for four principal reasons:

    1. You tend to believe most strongly that which you hear first.

    2. If you change, it will most likely be to that which you hear repeated many times.

    3. You next tend to believe that which you want to believe or that which fits your already conceived ideas or notions.

    4. Lastly, humans are least likely to believe that which is logical and makes sense, especially if it contradicts what they hear most!

    Interesting, isn’t it? Since the truth serves no one’s purpose and is seldom repeated, most people are left believing only that which serves someone’s purpose. By definition, that means they are left believing a lie. Unless you understand this and guard against it, you will be endlessly confused for most of your life.

    And just to keep you happy, hear for your entertainment is

    The biggest conspiracy theory of them all

    The biggest conspiracy theory is that 19 Arabs, who had been under surveillance, conspired together, walked onto four commercial aircraft without being detected, and without having their names appear on a passenger list. Then that they could overcome over 250 people with plastic box-cutters. And not only that, but with no previous experience of flying large jets, they could navigate from 30,000 feet and hit three out of four targets precisely, meantime conducting flying manoeuvres that fighter pilots would find difficult. Then, the amazing thing is that 7 of them survived the events and are known to be alive today.

    Also for the first time ever in history, three, not two, but three steel framed buildings collapsed as a result of fire which could not possibly have burned hot enough to melt steel, and caused the buildings not to topple over, as one might expect, or to fall a little at a time, but to fall within their own footprint at the speed of gravity. And one of those buildings (WTC7) was not even hit by a plane.

    Not only that, but the four aircraft disappeared completely without a trace of their 16 large engines, or any of the black boxes. This has also never before happened in history.

    This theory is so amazingly full of holes that it is impossible for any sane thinking person to believe, yet that is what the official 9/11 commission report.says.

    "We'll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false."

    -- William Casey, CIA Director (from first staff meeting, 1981)

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    Their story is so full of holes that it cannot be true. So they are hiding something.

    The motives for doing it were very high, in terms of controlling oil, and terrorising the public in order to mass the Patriot Act, and reduce people's freedoms.

    Additionally, many of the individulas involved have made vast sums of personal profit for themselves and their associates.

    For a logical exp-lanation of the errors in the 9/11 Conmission Report, see below.

    Source(s): Manufactured terrorism
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    Yes, it was a conspiracy.

    Our government and the CIA have been taken over by space aliens.

    These space aliens gave each of the terrorists 72 space alien girls.

    I won't go into all the sordid details that took place.

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      Quit being a jack ***! It's people like you that give real truth seekers a bad name and I wish you were on the Pan Am flight.

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    It's all "déja vu".

    Any calamity spawns conspiracy theories. Remember Pearl Harbor, Kennedy and Princess Diana?

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    People don't know what to believe, because a proper investigation was not conducted. That is why you see so many theories swirling around.

    It is the responsibility of government to investigate these matters using due process so that all these questions won't be raised.

    We have absolutely no assurance that another incident won't take place, or any usable information about how to prevent it.

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    Here's what's REALLY going on with 9/11!...

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    There was no conspiracy but you are now being tracked by them for using their name on the

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    No - but just stay where you are and the men in white coats will come and explain everything to you!

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