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What would you say to someone who's nervous about bootcamp but stil wants to join?

seen too many boot camp movies

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    tell them the truth ,its only 54 days and they can't put a finger on you-its that simple.nothing in basic is hard-17 year old girls make it and now they are taking 42 year olds -man how much easier can it GET!

    Source(s): heck even my lazy butt made it through-1986 fort jackson C-9-2
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    Tell him that boot camp is 90% mental. You could be an olympic athlete and it won't help you squat unless you are mentally prepared. Drill sergeants can't lay a finger on you, so the abuse is going to be basically talking to you and messing with your head, while keeping you physically exhausted.

    Every single step you take while in boot camp has been preplanned and coreographed accordingly, and a lot of care is taken to minimize injuries. Recruiting and training soldiers costs a lot of money, so every injury is a loss. It doesn't matter how dangerous it seems, it is all made to look that way. I took a 40-feet fall from a confidence obstacle course tower. I landed on a safety net halfway down and did not hurt myself from the fall itself.

    The most terrifying part of boot camp was the reception at the company, we were psyched up and ready to arrive but we did not count on them stopping the buses 50 yards ahead and made us run up to the company, so our "edge" got burned in the spring. We were tired and scared, so the drill sergeants had the perfect audience to start the mind games.

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    Everyone going into any branch of service is going to be nervous. This is expected, and nothing out of the normal.

    Boot camp isn't always what you see in the movies. Have your person talk to a recruiter, and get them to explain the justs of basic training. Basic varies from every branch, but a recruiter is there to help you with your questions.

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    I made, and If I can make anyone can make it. The movies over dramatize everything. I had a blast in my basic. All it is for is to get all the people from all walks of like to walk, talk, and think the same way. You all come in as individuals and come out as a like thinking unit. You will still have your personality, but you will be an important cog in the wheel and will work smoothly with the rest of the machine. So just realize that this is their mission, and if you can buy into that then enjoy your self.

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    We are all leery of the unknown. Movies are for entertainment, not documentation. What you see in the movies about boot camp is almost all drivel. What I would say is this: When a person is afraid but goes on with the task is a good definition of bravery. Go get 'em!!

    Source(s): Retired fighter pilot. (me)
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    Basic is really kind of silly. It sucks while your there, but the time moves so fast because your always busy. Just remember one thing, do as your told. Its really the simplest job ever. Do what your told, don't give the drill sergeants a reason to mess with you. Mine didn't even know i was part of the platoon for the first five weeks of the cycle. Stay under the radar and you'll be fine. Also what helped me was assuming that it was going to be a horrible experience, and it turned out to not be as bad as i thought.

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    Boot camp is like riding in a car. You just have to do it to get where you wanna go. If you are afraid of it you wont ever get anywhere.

    Boot camp is rather easy anyway.

    Source(s): Active Duty Navy
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    its definitely not the same as it used to be,,,,, much different.

    and definitely not like the movies.

    its their job to see if you can hang when things get tough,,,

    because if you cant take the little bit of pressures in boot camp... you sure wont take the pressures of combat.

    its a test, essentially,,,,, and millions have passed the test before you,,,,,, I'm sure it wouldn't be considered that hard, if millions have done it.

    just look and listen, and follow instructions,,,, you will be fine,,,.

    and really,, it can be a whole lotta fun in the right mindset....

    some of the time that is. heh

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    Boot camp now is so PC that tell them it is easy enough for girls to make it so any body can now. It is not like it was for us in the Marine Corps during Vietnam

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    Basic Training is a life changing experience and being nervous is natural. Don't worry too much and just listen to what your Drill Sergeants tell you and you will be fine. They will teach you everything you need to know to be successful.

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