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How long a person need to sleep a day? What happen if any one sleep less?

World is moving fast and is a very busy place.Every body is very very busy today. People get very less time to rest/sleep. What happens because of it.

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    Depends upon ur age.

    Kids tend to sleep longer.

    If you are an adult 6-7hrs is fine. But, when u dont give enough sleep to your body and if u feel sleepy it indicates u need to sleep bit.

    If not enough sleep in the long run u may get regular headaches, sleepiness in the daytime, puffy eyes, dehydrated body.

    Students tend to sleep on saturdays and sundays more bec the sleep they lost naturally are made up on such holidays: means they get the tendency to make it up for the lost sleep.

    So never suppress or deprive urself of seep.

    Everyone is busy, but thagt doesnt mean routine whatever the body needs should not be given. Body is also like a machine or vehicle. Like fuel for veihcle whatever needed for the body needs to be given.

    Happy sleepy days ahead!!!

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    A baby needs about 13 ours of sleep and a young child (7-11) about 9 ours, a teen to adult about 8 ours and older ppl about 5-6 ours the older u get the less sleep u need because u are not as active as u were. if one does not get the right amount of sleep/rest u will struggle with concentration and reaction abilities.

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    you have many different solutions and that i'm unsure how every person can ever make certain this the two, yet right here is a few recommendations I even have. I accept as true with sleep deprivation on my own isn't a reason for dying. this provides you with one or a mix of the reason however. finding on what made you think of of doing this first of all ( no longer you relatively ), the subsequent question would be added to there. i've got heard of school elderly human beings hazing on theory's like this or extreme analyzing too. Going up in age you have some elderly marriages of over 50 years and whilst one dies the different will bypass interior a month by using a sort of organic sleep deprivation thinking it relatively is the quickest thank you to connect their kinfolk member. this may be a sort of psychological ailment mixed with it too. From one age on up there'll likely be different quantities of time mixed with many different organic, scientific, and psychological reasons too. sturdy success and God Bless

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    they say a person should get between 6 to 8 hours of rest a day. depending on your body, physical activity and life stile dictates how much sleep you need. i find not enough sleep your a fire ball in the morning and the living dead later in the day. too much sleep your groggy all day. The best thing i can suggest is experiment with how many and what hours you sleep. its going to take time but once you find your schedule you'll know GOOD LUCK!!

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    6 to 8 hrs minimum per day

    Restful sleep is normal physiology or action in motion. The reasons for sleep have not been totally established, but it is obvious that the body needs sleep to rejuvenate. Without sleep, wellbeing and the feeling of wellbeing eludes us. Sleep is under the control of certain brain centers which switch us between wakefulness and sleep. Brain centers are made up of brain cells. All physiology happens at the cellular level. So if there are sleep problems, the problem lies in the cells. For brain cells to be able to receive and send the correct messages required by normal physiology they must have all the essential nutrients in the needed amounts in the correct ratios. Essential nutrients are what create normal physiology or action in and by the cells.

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    It depends on your age! Newborns spend the whole day (nearly) sleeping. While people aged > 90 years, may spend hardly an hour sleeping. Here what I mean by sleeping is when the person wakes up, he should feel fresh. Mere lying flat on bed is not sleeping. for an average adult person, a sleep of 5-6 hours is enough and really refreshing.

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    People need about 8 hours. I get tired and grumpy if I don't get enough rest. I go to sleep about 11 and get up about 7. Sometimes I take a half hour nap in the afternoon.

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    I think 6 - 8 hours is good for me. If I get less then I just get sleepy at work in the afternoon, but by evening Im OK.

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    Its depends on age,nomally for a young person needs to sleep 7 to 8 hours in a day.Children needs more and elder less sleep. less than this your boody and mind will be obnormal

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    About 8 hours. If you do not sleep, you lose your energy realy fast and you can be cranky and unfocused. You will start to get poofy eyes and dark circles. And your mind will not be on the right track.IT's importat to get rest.

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