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what is 9:30 A.M. in military time?


it's not 4 hw, i dont know what catagory to put it in.

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    The short answer is 0930 hrs.

    Military time is based on a 24 hour clock. Today started at 0000 hrs and will end at 2359 hrs. To make military time, all times between midnight and 12:59 pm are the same (pad the hours between 1:00 am and 9:59 am with a zero). For 1:00 pm and later, add 12 to the hour. 1:00 pm becomes 1300 hrs; 7:00 pm becomes 1900 hrs.

    To "speak" military time, use the phrase "hundred hours" for top of the hour. (ie: 10:00 am is 1000 hrs is spoken "Ten hundred hours".) If the military time has a "0" preceding it, speak the zero. (ie: 9:00 am is 0900 hrs is spoken "Oh nine hundred hours".) If the time is between whole hours, drop the word "hundred". For your question, 9:30 am is 0930 hrs is spoken "Oh nine thirty hours". 9:30 pm is 2130 hrs and is spoken "twenty-one thirty hours")

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    Speaking Military Time

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    9:30 Army Morning.

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    9:30am would be 0930 hours. To think in military terms just think of every hour in consistent order. midnight is 0000 hrs (that's when the day begins), 1am is 0100 hours, 9am is 0900 hours, 1pm is 1300 hours (think 12 noon then just add one hour to that), 4pm is 1600 hours (12 noon plus 4 hours is 16). So on and so forth, hope that helps make a lil sense!

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    It's 0930 am.

    It isn't written differently until 1:00 pm = 1300 hrs

    and after, until midnight =2400 hrs

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    Up till noon the numbers are the same. On the hour you say 0900 -- Oh nine hundred. 1200 12 hundred hrs. After noon you add 12 hours to the time. 1:00 pm. becomes 13 hundred hours. 2:00 14 hundred etc...

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    its 09:30 Just use the zero in front of the single digit times for AM times the 1300 - 2400 for the rest

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    Oh nine thirty is the way it's said. It's written 09:30 hours.

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    well.. it's the same, 9:30, but if it was 9:30 P.M. then it would be 21:30.

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