Help me I'm confused, with the Muslims and the pope?

I have been busy the last few days and have obviously missed a lot of the news. I did cringe when I heard what the pope said, but now on here this morning is talk of fatwas ( what are they). and burning flags and effigies. Muslims say bad things about christians and christians say bad things about Muslims.

Cant we live and let live, is that to much to ask

Both sides of the arguments would be appreciated so I can make an educated and not bias opinion on the matter.

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    Well to sum up, Pope has a bad sense of timing (of when not to quote something inflammatory) and Muslims (not all) have a bad sense of self constraint.

    To answer, if we can live and let live, we can't as long as countries like US are obsessed with World Domination and extremist Muslims are obsessed with their religion.

    Everyone in the middle is basically screwed for being born in the wrong era.

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    It's quite simple as I see it: The Pope quoted an emperor from many centuries ago. The Muslims saw an opportunity to cause trouble, yet again, and took offense. They don't acknowledge the fact that the Pope pointed out that he was quoting someone else. They are now doing what they are best at and burning effigies of the Pope and calling for death and destruction. Such lovely peaceful people!

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    Basically what happened is that the Pope said how the Prophet Muhammed only brought evil to the world. They weren't his own words completely, as he was quoting some 14th century quote, but he did repeat the quote again and again, suggesting that he believed it himself. Now the Muslims are angry, but I don't see why everyone can't, as you say, live and let live, as just because the Pope said this, doesn't mean it's what all Christians think! Oh well, I just hope it all dies down and doesn't cause any more trouble...

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    Neither side came out of this well.

    The pope made a stupid remark - he would not have liked a similar remark made about Jesus - and the Muslims, as usual, over reacted.

    I accept that the pope did not intend offence, and I honestly think that the Muslims should accept that too, and just drop the whole thing.

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    A significant difference between the Christian and Muslim point of view is that some, and only some, Muslims advocate violence in the pursuit of their religious views. In historical terms the Christian church was not adverse to using torture and death as a means to "spread the faith" however it has not been overtly violent for centuries.

    A Fatwa is a call to believers of Mohammed to kill an individual based on a religious belief.

    In short Christians do not advocate violence, some Muslims do!!

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    I think that the pope was misguided in saying what he said.

    The Muslim world is pretty touchy anyway - riots over cartoons earlier in the year, now the Pope is saying things quite unnecessarily. I think we know by now how easy it is to offend the more radical elements - why stir it up anymore?

    Maybe we really are in a holy war.

    I read today that 2 churches got burnt down in Palestine - and they weren't even Catholic churches!

    I think that when religious leaders like the Pope attack Islam, it is sheer idiocy.

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    Hi, I am a Christian Arab living in Palestine (i bet you are surprised that there are christian Arabs.There are!). Apparently the Pope said that the Muslims spread the Islam not through Convincing and talk but using violence and blood. It was not the Pope's personal opinion but he was referring to a writer who said this. Anyways, the Muslims protested. In my opinion they have a right to protest, but THEY DO NOT HAVE A RIGHT TO BURN CHURCHES IN PALESTINE!!! What they did make me think... "then maybe the pope IS right>>!>!>"

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    Muslims who react with violence and threats are really a bit ignorant about their own religion. Islam says to respond to evil with good. Granted, here on Yahoo Answers that doesn't always happen but when I do that, I'm just having fun because the Internet is not the real world.

    The Pope showed how ignorant he is about Islam when he made those comments. He should make an effort to learn more about Islam and more like Pope John Paul II who actually did that and was tolerant and understanding of other religions, especially Islam.

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    i think muslims need to learn how to deal with things and stop causing riots. If we truly love Muhammad and the message he came with we should follow his example and his manners and the way he behaved with others, whether they were muslim or not.

    Prophet Muhammad was abused by his people yet he didnt want revenge on them, he prayed for them to be guided and saved.

    PS a fatwa is a religious verdict given by a scholar of Islam.

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    I cannot really understand the problem with religion I dont care what someone believes or why anyone else really cares. At the end of the day people are sheep following different beliefs because their parents did or they want to belong somewhere. Why dont we just get on with living life, we all end up the same way whatever are beliefs are.

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