how do rubberband airplanes work?

pls i can't seem to understand how does it work

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    I loved rubber band airplanes when I was a kid, still do actually.

    Ever notice that the rubberband plane will fly (glide) even if you don't wind up the rubber band. That the aeronautics part. The Wings give the plane "lift". Just like when you stick you hand out the car window, you can feel the wind pushing against the palm of your hand. The Air does the same thing to the wings of the rubberband airplane. The wings on a rubberband plane are the second most simple in the world (the simpliest is the good old paper airplane!).

    The rubber band, wound up tight until all of the knots are just right, give power to the propeller. As the propeller rotates in the air, it scoops up air (like a spoon in a bowl of soup) and the rubber band "flings" the air out the back side. And when the propeller pushes on the air, the air pushes right back, and so the airplane moves forward. As long as the rubber band still has some windup in it and as long as the plane doesn't hit a wall, a tree or land on the roof, the plane will keep moving forward. The air will keep pushing on the simple little wings and away she flies.

    Then there's the tail: the rudder (the vertical part) and the elevator(the horizontal part.) They don't make the plane fly but they make it fly straight. Without the rudder and elevator, the elegant rubberband model would have no grace and the flight would be very short.

    The rudder keeps the airplane from turning to much to the right or left. If the airplane does start to turn to the right, the rudder starts to push on the the air around the left side of the rudder, and that air pushes right back, keeping the rudder from moving too much and therefore keeps the airplane from turning.

    Same with the elevator. If the nose of the airplane starts to go up, the elevator pushes on the air around the bottom of the elevator, and the air pushes back.

    When you understand how all of this works together you can make your rubberband airplane do loops, or long slow turns to the right or left. Eventually, I had to build a radio control airplane because their was just no way to make the rubberband plane do figure eights!

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    Rubber Band Airplane

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