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我最喜歡歌手是Backstreet Boys的Nick和Shakira~你呢?有喜歡的歌手嗎?

對:)你猜對了!其實我很久沒動我的化妝品~除非很重要場合我才會使用它!因為用太多對皮膚真的不好!我連照相也不化妝!我知道也許會嚇到人= =








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    Thank you. : ) But these days, in order to look after the little baby, I have

    already had black-eye-socket! Nothing can be terrible than this...

    My teacher was afraid that I was too bored, so she found lots of things for me to do! Make the report

    card, work as she general affairs section chief! She is like my mother...

    That is a singer from Malaysia. :) She is very pretty! I mailed her introduction to your mailbox. :)

    I like this song!

    My favorite singers are Nick and Shakira of Backstreet Boys. And you? Do you have any favorite


    Yeah:) You are right! In fact,I have not touched my cosmetics for a long time~I used them only on very

    important occasions. Because it will harm my skin if I used too much! I do not put on make-up even if I

    take pictures! Perhaps it will frighten people = = I am not on purpose! But I did not know why I am so

    interested in it~

    Yesterday, I was so bored that I helped a friend to put on make-up:)

    My teacher said I have progress! I am very happy. I will become my teacher's model in a few days ... I am very nervous! But I hoped before this, I can make up a good reason to resist her!

    I made a lot of good friends here. :) I am quite happy! We often go out together.~ Therefore, I have less time to sit in front of my computer ... Sorry! I certainly will answer your letter. :) I like here more and

    more! At first, I missed home secretly.:p

    In fact, I have lots to say to you, but I can't express it...I hope I can visit you sooner.:)

    How are the girls you admired before? I guessed they are certainly different from me... They must be

    very good girls...

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    Thank you:) But these days in order to look after the young baby I

    already to have the black eye socket! Not any matter compared to this


    My teacher feared I am bored... therefore looks for a big pile of

    matter to want me to do! Makes the report card, works as she general

    affairs section chief! Her very picture is my mother...

    That is comes from Malaysia's singer:) She is very attractive! I mail

    to hers introduction your mailbox oh:) I like this first song! I most

    like the singer am Backstreet Boys Nick and Shakira □you? Is

    Right:) You 猜對! I very am actually long have not moved my

    cosmetics □only if the very important situation I only then can use

    it! Because too many uses not to be really good to the skin! I

    continually photograph do not put on make-up! I knew perhaps can

    frighten person = = me is not intentionally! But I did not know why I

    do have the interest very much to it □

    Yesterday I was bored therefore helped the friend to put on make-up:)

    My teacher said I have the progress! Good happy oh □crosses several

    days me to have again to become me teacher color 妝 model... I to be

    quite anxious! But I hoped I in before can think the good reason

    resists 絕 her!

    I make very many good friends in this:) I am quite happy! We

    frequently together exit play □therefore I in front of computer time

    more and more few... regret! But I certainly can return to your

    letter:) I more and more liked this! As soon as starts me also to want

    secretly to go home: P

    You before likes how is the girl? I guessed is certainly dissimilar

    with me... they certainly is the very good girl...

    Actually I have very many speeches to want to chat with you! But I

    cannot express well... in this hoped I may earlier look for you:)

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