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Why ppl in the West are so ill informed about Islam?

Islamic civilization is based on the freedom that God gave mankind where Moslems 1400 years ago were able to think freely about every issue that relate to human life.1400 years ago the world was living

in darkness. 1400 years ago, there were Islamic universities where most scientific subject was taught. Islam ended slavery 1400 years ago where slaves were able to be like their former masters in every aspect of life where in most corners of the world humans were proprieties to few kings with blessing of religion insititutions.Islam established the term Human Rights in areas like social classes quality, women rights

, abolishment of slavery where in past the world did not recognize any human rights

In the past women were sex propriety where the in west the catholic church called for one marriage only there was no freedom to divorce and men committed Adultery most of the time remember king Henry lovers

Islam gave women the right to divorce husband for his bad looks beside other things.

The meaning of the word Jihad in Islam in the past and the present.

In the past, 1400 years ago kings who slaved the masses ruled the world. Jihad was declared on the kings: when the kings are treating the new Moslems badly, or refused to let the Moslems messengers tell their massage to the people.

The majority of the Moslems were converted to Islam without Jihad and percentage of Moslems who were converted by Jihad is less 10%.



"Say: we believe in God and in what has been revealed to us, and what was revealed to Abraham, Isma'il: Isaac, Jacob and The Tribes, and in (the Books) given to Moses, Jesus and the Prophets, from their Lord: We make no distinction between one and another, among them, and to God do we bow our will (in Islam)." (Qur'an, Al-Imran 3:84)

Update 2:

GOD Book is made of three chapters: The Old Testament, The new Testament and Quran as a conclusion all originated from the middle east. How can you understand GOD LAWS with out reading GOD Conclusion?

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    It seems that you are ill-informed.

    No surprise considering there is very little real education in facts in the islamic world, unless clerics state it or those who basteridize the koran and lie to you about it.

    There is no such thing as womens rights in the islamic world, in terms of whats really being done.

    Source(s): inlaws who are from IRAN and are secretly CHRISTIAN but publically muslim due to death threats to those who convert from muslim
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    It is good to have a thorough knowledge of history,but look at the events in history with an open attitude.I mean not as an islam,christian, hindu or such like.

    From the ancient days onwards,those who want to control the lives and deaths of their fellow human beings have used religion most effectively in this regard.Almost all the conquests in this world,eventhough for riches and fame,have involved their religion and the hatred towards other religions.For quite some centuries,it was the jews who were at the receiving end.Now it is the muslims turn.When one religion is being spited upon as the cause of evil what others carefully hide is that all gods teach us to love our fellow human beings.Since, this doctrine is not suited for the purpose of rulers who like to invade and rule others for any pretext, they use the might of their religion.All the centuries since world came into existance religion has only served man`s selfish ends.No religion as it is has come to the rescue of common man.

    I will give an example: Look what Bush is making the americans do.Their hatred to Saddam is so obvious that they decide to wage war against Osama in Iraq. And, who is dying.Common People.Look what Muslim terrorists are doing in retaliation.Killing innocents.Do they think Bush will be concerned.No way.Now that the pope also has jumped into the fray with the sole intention of fanning hatred,many others also will be killed.All innocents.And it wont suit anyone`s purpose even if pope express his regrets.The damage is done.Everybody wants to be fanatics.Religions are the curse of mankind, Believe me.

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    Well all that you say above is wrong and false ,reason muslims in India,pakistan ,afganistan,southeast asia all these were forced conversions by the then kings like babar, akber ,auragazeb and many more and you must know that these countries account for 70% of muslim population and the left overs in the africa are also so which accounts to 10% and the so its left with a mere 20 % in Gulf countries and here there are many non believers but are forced to follow ,like in Iran n Iraq so the left over 10% is the real figure ,so NO FALSE CLAIMS .

    go with the truth .

    Remember how many were slaughtered in HINDU KUSH which means HINDUSLAUGHTER in persian and Remember that 60000 plus magnificent temples were destroyed and millions were killed and the rest were imposed with heavy taxes ( Jijiya tax)and no high paid jobs for hindus and special incentives were offered and the rest killed or threatened to kill at the time of muslim mis rule in India .

    So no false cliams live with the facts.

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    Although I live in the US now, I happened to grow up in Southeast Asia.

    To be fair, I remember growing up with news of US troops going to fight wars all over the world. But here in US I know many peaceful people. So, I don't doubt that there are also lots of peaceful Islamic followers.

    Yet, I also remember growing up with many news of terrorist acts done in the name of Islam. Mostly kidnapping, hijacking airplanes and bombing in West Bank or other places all over the world.

    I wish one day there will be peace between East, West and the rest of the world.

    Hope this answers your question -- at lease for the short history of the world for the last 40 years.

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    I think it might be because people like you aren't doing a very good job of informing people in the West about Islam. I read your post and couldn't make heads or tails of it.

    Lay back man. Take it easy. Let someone else take a crack at explaining Islam to the West for a change. Didn't you hear on the news recently that the Pope appears to be trying to take over the responsibility of educating people about Islam?

    I don't know him personally, but he seems like a pretty nice guy. And he's one of the religion bigshots. Maybe he can be of help to you in getting your message across. If he doesn't do as good a job as you would like, then maybe you can step in and polish the finer points for him.

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    Really, really, bad public relations. The "peacful" Muslims confirm it everytime. Every single time.

    Israel has a right to exist. Now watch how they hate the Zionist.

    How they reacted to the Pope latest comment, that's what we see a Muslim is. The ones that we know that are not doing that, are not turning in anyone that isn't peaceful. They therefore bring it on themselves.

    They deserve the notion that they are evil cry baby's, who scream when they don't get their way. And those "peaceful" Muslims get ON THIS SITE, AND DEFEND IT EVERY DAY.


    History lessons are not going to help. Whatever they were in history doesn't matter, they are evil today.

    All of 'em that I see in the news, and all of them that I see here.

    All of them that I see here. :(

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    It seems to me that the followers of Islam tend to keep Islam to themselves I can't remember the last time I had an invitation to "COME TO OUR MOSQUE AS WE WILL BE HOLDING AN INFORMAL AFTERNOON TEA TO ENLIGHTEN IGNORANT WESTERNERS" Just as I cannot remember the last sleepover/party/outing any of my kids went to. These kids being all in the same class at school!!!!!HELLO! They could make it a tad easier!

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    The people in the west know that Islam is a false religion. Therefore they do not want to know more about the great satan Islam.

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    Alot of westerners are so misinformed because of what they see on the news, what they read, and because of their ignorance. I am from the US but i do not veiw Islam as a terrorist religion. I have studied it and I know that killing is not what its about.

    -Wiccan Teen )O(

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    I'm not ignorant of Islam, I believe it to be a knock off of Judaism .

    Source(s): opinion.
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