Is their a t-mobile store in Lubbock Tx and if not wheres the closest one?

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    T-Mobile retail locations near Lubbock, Texas

    1. Wal-Mart-3826

    1911 4TH ST

    LUBBOCK, TX 79415


    2. Office Depot_Lubbock_196

    2504 50TH ST

    LUBBOCK, TX 79413


    3. Wal-Mart-0945

    702 W LOOP 289

    LUBBOCK, TX 79416


    4. Wal-Mart-0861

    4215 S LOOP 289

    LUBBOCK, TX 79423


    5. Ritz_0211

    6002 SLIDE RD STE 68303

    LUBBOCK, TX 79414


    6. Comp USA 741

    6002 SLIDE RD

    LUBBOCK, TX 79414


    7. RS_SAMS_8270_Lubbock

    4303 W LOOP 289

    LUBBOCK, TX 79407


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    Is their a t-mobile store in Lubbock Tx and if not wheres the closest one?

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    go to t-mobile's web site and look it up..

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