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How do I reset Tiger Mac OS X 10.4 admin password by using single-user mode ?

I bought a used PowerBook G4 on Ebay. The administrator's password was locked. The Powerbook still can run to the normal screen. However, I am unable to update and install software without a password.

I don't have the original install CD either the second mac for firmware reset. So I wonder if anyone knows how to reset the password by using single user mode or any other methods to do so?

Any input will be greatly appreciate it. Thanks.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Hi Ivan...this is difficult to do without the original system disc. If you live nearby an Apple retail store most will let you borrow the original system discs if you do this on site.

    For further Mac-related questions consider visting/posting on the free Apple Discussion forum: There are many advance Mac users here who are very helpful.

    Source(s): Mac OS Certified Engineer
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  • 1 decade ago

    You will need a Panther or Tiger Install disk to perform this function. Boot your Powerbook G4 with the disk inside while holding down the 'option' key. Pretent to install the software by clicking on the first screen. Then go to the menu bar chose Change password.

    Change the user password and the root password - save the results and restart your machine.

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