What is floppy baby syndrome? Is it early celebral palasy?

My friend recently gave birth to a female baby, and she has been in hospital for a week now because the baby has a disease called floppy baby syndrome. What is it?

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    Floppy baby syndrome is a general medical reference to an abnormal condition of newborns and infants characterized by bad muscle tone, I have supplied a reference to more information on the topic. A friend of mine in California recently gave birth to a daughter with this. The doctor told her that her daughter would have a diccicult life ahead of her unfortunately.

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    Floppy Baby Syndrome

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    The doctor should have been able to tell from birth. They know to look for these physical signs. Different ones don't have to mean dows, just a disorder of some sort. For example, my daughter was born with meconium aspuration. A very normal thing, happens a lot, and babies get over it all the time. But because all her toes but her big toe are fused together on both feet and she has a crease running across the center of her hand in a straight line, they immediately did chromosome tests on her. She has partial deletion 2p. Very rare doesn't have a name like down's syndrome. If any signs of downs were present at all after birth, the doc would have ordered test to be done. Downs children also have heart defects and that would have been obvious in the womb.

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    Hypotonia involves decreased muscle tone. Infants with hypotonia seem floppy and feel like a "rag doll" does when held.

    Alternative Names:

    Floppy; Floppy Baby Syndrome; Decreased muscle tone; Hypotonic infant


    Hypotonia is often a sign of a worrisome abnormality and may suggest the presence of central nervous system dysfunction, genetic disorders, or muscle disorders.

    Hypotonic infants rest with their elbows and knees loosely extended, while infants with normal tone tend to have flexed elbows and knees. Head control may be poor or absent in the floppy infant with the head falling to the side, backward, or forward.

    Infants with normal tone can be lifted with the parent's hands placed under the armpits, while hypotonic infants tend to slip between the hands as the infant's arms rise unresistingly upward.

    Note: Hypotonia is often a symptom of a bigger problem, often times atrributable to Dr. and/or hospital error (medical malpractice). If your baby is diagnosed with hypotonia, cerebral palsy, erbs palsy, brachial plexus, or other related problems and you are concerned that it may have been caused by a mistake or negligence, you should contact the Law offices of Jason A. Waechter for review. There is no fee for this service.

    Home Care:

    Extra care must be taken when lifting and carrying a hypotonic infant to avoid causing an injury to the child.

    Call your health care provider if:

    your child appears "floppy", especially if he or she previously seemed to have normal muscle control.

    What to expect at your health care provider's office:

    The family history and the child's medical history will be obtained. A physical examination will be performed. Most of the disorders associated with hypotonia also cause other symptoms that, when taken together, will suggest a particular disorder.

    Medical history questions documenting hypotonia in detail may include:

    time pattern

    When did you first notice that your baby seemed floppy?

    Was it apparent at birth?

    Did it develop suddenly or gradually?

    Have you ever noticed a pattern to the behavior (is it always the same or is it worse at certain times)?


    How exactly does the child act?

    Is the child generally limp, or only floppy in certain areas?


    What other symptoms are present?

    The physical examination will probably include a detailed nervous system and muscle function examination.

    Diagnostic tests will vary depending on the suspected cause of the hypotonia.


    If a diagnosis was made of the cause of hypotonia, you may want to note that diagnosis in your child's personal medical record. Pedetriacs/neonatal intensive care unit nurse for 14 years seen this in babies before..

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    Rag Doll Syndrome

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    Have pasted a link below for you - scroll down to Page 5 of the article, it gives aesy to understand explanation.

    For the record 'Cerebral Palsy is a disabililty you are born with - it does not 'develop' or get worse. You are born with it then it remains static.

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